Sunday, December 15, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Street Art (Street Chic) matte glitters

Good afternoon everyone! Hope your weekend has been fun and full of snow! Well, I know my has been. We got about 8 inches of snow down here in Boston from last nights storm. Well enough about snow, let me get onto nail polish! I was at my local CVS last week, and discovered some new matte glitter polishes by Maybelline. They had five colors including a deep blue, light blue, red, green and a light pink. I picked up four of the five polishes (I'm not that big into pink)
 Now this line seems to be a new addition of the polka dot collections that came out a while back (clearly spotted is one of my favorite polishes!) I did some quick swatches over Sally Hansen Wet Cement, to have all the colors over a neutral color.
The polish spread very well, and had a good mix of big and small glitter bits, some bar glitters and a good mix of black glitters mixed in with each color. They also dried very quickly and smoothly as well. I don't know if this is limited edition or not, but I hope there are permanent colors. I've been enjoying the new trend of matte glitter top coats! 
 Ok, now onto the photos of the bottles and swatches.

 Ohhh just look at those colors. I am in love with these matte glitters!
names left to right:
Nighttime Noise
Green Graffiti
Wild At Heart
Blue Beats

 Blue Beats over Wet Cement

 Wild At Heart over Wet Cement

 Green Graffiti over Wet Cement

 Nighttime Noise over Wet Cement

The full photo of the swatches side by side. I really like all of these colors. I suggest picking these up if you stumble into them. Beautiful bright colors, great even coverage and unique mix of matte glitters.