Friday, August 31, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 73

Today I was feeling border nails. I wanted to try one of my favorite color combos from one of my favorite video game characters, Chun Li. I wanted to put more detail in it (the designs on her dress) but after three attempts I finally came to the conclusion that I didn't have the correct brushes to make the full design happen. I guess that will be my next purchase! But the border came out great mixing a metallic and gloss polish always looks so awesome! Shall we?
Brand: Pure Ice
Name: 313CP
pigment: a gold metallic polish
price:$ $1.99

 I was searching for my Sally Hansen Xtremewear gold polish but as always I couldn't find it. So I sifted through my collection and found this Pure Ice polish that I totally forgot about! I think I got this in a double pack on clearance in the spring. Only took two coats for full coverage, great polish.

 The polish only had a number name, if I were to make it I'd call it Pot Of Gold. Super shiny, pigmented and just a beautiful coverage.

 Ah light blocking, it goes to a new level with you include a metallic color. As you can see I filled in the middle with a lovely blue by Jordana called Smooth Blue. One coat coverage over the metallic gold.

 I wish I could have done more detailing, but you can understand the colors and character I was going for. Overall it came out super cute, and I am really pleased how well these two colors work together. I still have a few gold polishes, maybe when I get brushes I'll give this another go ;)
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 72

I left myself plenty of time to do my nails today! I watched "Exit Through The Gift Shop" yesterday, a film on street art. It inspired me to try splatter nails for the first time. I've seen this design done before and wanted to give it a go. I needed a dark background color, so I reached for a Sally Hansen Insta-dri color that would work perfectly!
Brand: Sally Hansen
Name:In A Flurry
pigment: a blak polish with small multi-colored glitter
price:$ $1.44 (clearance)

 Here is my super shimmer polish. Now you can see the polish did go on thin near my cuticles, but the design is going to cover it so I was ok with it.
 I must say the polish was much thinner than I was expecting. It went on sheer and had to add a 2nd coat to achieve full coverage. But overall this is a super cute polish, I love anything with glitter in it!
 Now I followed this tutorial. I put my own twist on it using a dark background, the colors I wanted and a dotting tool instead of a toothpick. This was super easy to do, and you get to be a little creative with color. Also doing a sloppy paint job in this mani kinda works.
 For the paint splatters I used Sally Hansen Lickety-Split Lime
Sally Hansen Snappy Sorbet
 Jordanna Boy Oh Boy
Last but not least Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac. I almost added a pink instead of purple, but kept with purple. I love how the glitter in the background give its an almost spray paint effect. I've been putting this mani off for some long thinking it would be hard, but I can say this is one of my favorite manicures that I have even done!
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 71

 An extremely quick post today!
Brand: Icing
Name: Purple-A-Licous
pigment: a deep purple with a light white shimmer
price:$ $2.25 (clearance)

 Here is a beautiful deep white shimmer purple. This polish is super pigmented ! It took pretty much a coat and a few touch up area.
A smooth application with a polish on the bit thick side.

I hit it with Confetti Tazmanian Devil glitter. This really worked well over this purple, I didn't think it would.

I wish the photo captured how well these two polishes work together! I love how the glitter polish has multiple sized and shaped glitters, just adds such a mix to the look!
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 70

70 already! Damn, this is flying by! Today I woke up to cloudy skies and rain so I was feeling a deep and a bit more serious color. I went for an olive green polish that I picked up at Icing, I was feeling this color today. this color has a nice gold shimmer to it that reflects in brighter lighting. Over all I was super pleased with the color and texture of the polish, this was my first time using Icing polish.

Brand: Icing
Name: All That Glitters Is Green
pigment: a deep olive green with a gold shimmer
price:$ $2.25 (clearance)

 A beautiful deep green with a gold shimmer, two beautiful color combinations! This was a medium thickness polish with great pigment and full coverage, only took two coats!
 First time using Icing polish and I am not disappointed at all! I think the original price tag of $4.50 is a bit high, but then again forever evolving fashion means in with the new shades, and clearance the old.

 I was a little hesitant to add anything else, maybe a gold stripes or gold glitter. But I ended up using Fergie's Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night. Adding black and gold glitters.

 Over all I'm very happy with the look! I love the mix of different sized glitters, such a change from one texture glitter.
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Ebay Nail Art Haul

Hey everyone! I ordered some new nail art supplies almost a month ago (from China) and well they finally arrived! I hate waiting for items overseas, but you just can't argue with super low prices. If you are like me you love finding new nail art techniques, tools and supplies. Ebay is my go to website to find a lot of my nail needs. A good amount of it is overseas so you have to wait a bit (I live on the East coast) 
So my order finally arrived, and I want to share what I got and what Ebay store I ordered from.

 First off are my new hexagon glitters! I've noticed a lot of people using them in nail designs, and well I wanted in! I bought a 12 pack set for $1.99
 Then I got two 12 bottle set of the microbeads. This set has different colors than the other set I picked up from Dollar Tree. The beads have a nice reflection to them and they offer great color variety in this pack, it was also $1.99
 Here I bought some round rhinestones, I think they're 2mm but it didn't post what size.  The colors in this wheel are brighter than the ones I bought almost a year ago.
 Now I thought I ordered square rhinestones in my first nail art purchase off of Ebay , but come to find out I didn't. So I got a wheel of square rhinestones that can also be used as diamond shaped rhinestones. It was $1.49 for this wheel
 I also got some heart shaped rhinestones, I was missing this design too. This wheel was also $1.49
And I ordered some more microbeads in white and gold, this wheel was (again) $1.49

The Ebay store I ordered from can be found here . For being an overseas Ebay store it has a high feedback rating ( ALWAYS look at their feedback rating!!) and the prices on the items were more than reasonable and all my items came with free shipping and were "buy it now" auctions. This is where I got some of my nail art items, and might get more from them in the future.
Where do you buy your nail art supplies from? Local, overseas or nationwide stores? I hope you enjoyed this lil haul, took a while to get here...but it was worth the wait!

Monday, August 27, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 69

super late post,  and a quick polish job later I am ready to update!! In this super fast polish today I tried the velvet manicure. It feels so fuzzy like a teddy bear!  I only did one nail to see how I would like it, and might try all my nails or the ring and index finger in another mani.
Brand:Sally Hansen
Name: Bubblegum Pink
pigment: a creamy pink with a light shimmer undertone
 So, can you guess why they called it bubblegum pink? This is a super cute pink with a nice shimmer undertone. It's noticeable, but not to the point of being overdone and flashy.
 It's part of the Xtremewear line from Sally Hansen. I've had this bottle for some time, fell in love with the color when I saw it swatched, bought it and never wore it! Wearing it now I can say this was a good purchase. I'm not the biggest pink fan, but I feel this is a color anyone could rock.
 Here I am holding my flocking powder. I matched the powder up with the polish (as you can see) I took a clear coat of polish and applied it on my nails and poured the powder on top. I tapped my finger to get the excess off and it was it! Super cool and unique manicure!
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quick Icing Haul

So I've been searching for Icing nail polish for some time. I finally found a decent size store near with me with a good selection of polish. I was kinda bummed to see the $4.50 price tag (since I've never tried them) But I was happy to see the $2.50 clearance section with a good amount of polish in it!
They had a sale going on today, buy 5 for $10 so I took advantage of the deal to grab a new line I've been wanting to try! Now there were a ton of crackle and glitter polishes, but I (for the most part) stuck with colors and gave into 1 glitter polish.

I was so happy to find a mixed variety of  colors in the clearance section. I was kinda happy that it was located behind a big ceiling beam out of view. I looked around, two small glass shelves of clearance polish down to $2.50 each. They had a ton of crackle glitter, regular glitter, neons and plain polishes to choose from. The cashier was nice enough to tell me about the sale so I got 5 bottles instead of 4.

Here are my polishes! A good haul if I do say so myself!
From left to right:
Bronze Me Baby
Pretty As A Peakcock
All That Glitters Is Green
Witches Brew

I can't wait to try these polishes out and see if I like them! I hope I do, they have a good variety of  colors and the bottles look like China Glaze's polishes. Well I hope you enjoyed this small haul!

365 polish for a year challenge: day 68

Today I was feeling shiny and bright! So I grabbed a metallic /shimmer bright blue color. Also I just did the polish by it's self to keep it simple for the weeken. I went out to see a movie today and the ticket girl said she loved my polish! So glad to see that is really as eye-catching as I thought!
Brand: Funky Fingers
Name: Mirror Mirror
coats: 3
pigment:a metallic shimmer bright blue tone
price: $ 3/ $5.00

 Now my camera picked up the metallic part, but if you could see closely it has very small bits of glitter in the polish. I thought this would have taken at least 4 coats, but was happy to see that I got full coverage with 3 coats

I know I've been using a lot of Funky Fingers lately, but can you really blame me? The price and colors are just right! Only problem is getting out to a Five Below to grab some! I almost did a half moon manicure with this polish but just held off. Gotta keep it simple once and a while :D
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 67

 So I got a manicure inspiration from a photo I saw of Rihanna. She was wearing a a metallic on metallic manicure. I tried it and it just didn't look as cute. So I cleaned my nails and tried a metallic base with glossy overcoat. I was so happy how this came out! I did the black overcoat free hand and to be honest it was really easy. I just followed the shape of my cuticles with the polish to give me an idea of the topcoat design.  Onto the mani!
Brand: Funky Fingers
Name:Sold Out Arena
coats: 3
pigment:a metallic shimmer green
price: $ 1.00 (clearance)
 Here is a great metallic green, so reflective!
  Part of the haul I had from Five Below, such awesome polishes I can't say it enough!
I used Ebony Hates Chris as the black topcoat for this manicure. I got some bubbles in the polish but oh well. I am so happy how they contrast with the gloss and the metallic!

 So cute, so eye catching and so simple! I want to try this again with a different color soon! Has anyone tried this halfmoon look before? I love it!
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Friday, August 24, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 66

I found the cutest nailart tutorial on youtube the other day. I posted it on facebook the other day and just had to try this out! I found a great nail artist in Germany that creates the cutest designs ever! She is on youtube and I suggest checking her out! Now I recreated her Owl design she has posted up. I used like colors and follower her super easy design with polish and a dotting tool.
Brand:Wet N' Wild
Name: Disurbia 
pigment: a deep purple with pink and purple shimmer
price: $ 1.99
 I reached for this deep purple color that I've has for some time. I was happy and surprised to see purple and pink toned shimmer in this polish!
 Such a deep dark color, great pigment in the polish too. Took me only two coats to get full coverage from this polish!
 Here is my little own friend! Now I did add little owl ears at the top, but I used the same colors as the girl from the tutorial did.
 Such a great look for fall! The teal color is from Fergie's line called Miami Spirit
For the eyes, feet and feathers I used a lime green from Sally Hansen called Lickety-Split. I had a lot of fun doing this nailart, you must admit the owl is just adorable. I think I will rock this lil guy again in different colors. And he'll fit in great with the Fall fashions and weather heading our way soon.
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Sinful Colors metallic haul!

Oh man, this week has been awesome in nail polish hauls, and horrible on my wallet. I have stayed within my budget and I have a whole $3.00 I can spend tomorrow. I couldn't resist this metallic line! I haven't seen these polishes in the regular lineup (at least not in my store) So I caved, I grabbed all eight bottles from this collection. It's perfect for Fall fashion, and having a discount just makes it so hard to resist! Oh, I also got a free bottle of Sally Hansen's magnetic polish for free! We get samples sent some times for demos, if we don't end up using it we can take it home (no retail value) so I got that too!

 Here is the full line! Can you see how Fall like they are? Deep and dark just like the season (my favorite season btw)
 Up close and personal with the bottles!
Left to right:
Super Nova
Moss Have
Gone Platinum
Precious Metal
 other half of the haul
Left to right:
Hot Hot Heat (rumored to be a Butter London dupe)
Zincing Of You
Hot Wired
Heavy Metal

Metallics are in season for the fall! This line seems worth scooping up not only for the colors, but the price! Kudos to SC for keeping up on trends and releasing more gorgeous colors!
Also a quick snapshot of my magnetic green called Electric Emerald. This is my 3rd magnetic polish!
I hope everyone enjoyed the haul! Might swatch these for once!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 65

I was in a bright color today, but not a super bright neon. So I reached for an orange/ salmon color from Funky Fingers. This color is bright and has gold shimmer (my camera picked it up!)  but not to the part of being too loud. Shall we?
Brand: Funky Fingers
Name:Taffy Town
coats: 3
pigment: light orange/ salmon cream polish with gold underlining shimmer
price: $ 1.00 (clearance)

 Do you see that gold shimmer? How unique and beautiful this color is! Bright but not to the point over being over-powering like a neon. A good transition into fall colors
 This color took me 3 coats for full coverage. Every color I've tried by Funky Fingers has not disappointed me at all!
 To add a little flair to this polish I hit it with a mixed glitter polish. Tiny white flakes and bigger hexagon gold glitters. a cute glitter combo, hard to capture on camera to be honest.
The color I used is White Veil by Sally Hansen, part of the Diamond Strength collection. I hope everyone has been enjoying my daily nail updates, I know I have.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 64

 Well I had to put this polish on as soon as I grabbed it on clearance. I had my eye on this polish since it came out, but honestly I didn't want to spend more than $4.00 on a bottle of polish. Oh it was a great day when I found it on clearance with my other haul  here . I also gave the caviar manicure a go and screwed it up. Over the fear of losing all the beads I layered quick dry polish on top and created an almost glue-gun finish...oops. I did maybe four coats, when two would have covered it. Oh well, learn and move on!
Brand:Sally Hansen
Name: Freeze
pigment:a glitter shimmer metallic mixture of blue
price: $ 1.44 (clearance)

 Oh this is a great blue. It's a mix of glitter and shimmer and metallic blues all put into a quick drying polish! Oh and check out the tiny thumb'll grow back!
 My happy little bottle at such a great price! Don't forget to check out clearance endcaps, you might find some great limited edition polishes hidden in there!

Here is my microbead mishap. You can see the glazed over look of the top coat over the beads. I think I need to work on a technique.

Overall I love the look of this polish. As for the microbeads..well I need to remember I have polish under it and maybe two coats max over them. I want to play with this type of manicure again. It's really interesting to have texture on your nail (great to play with when you're zoning out)  I like this new effect, and I plan to rock it more!
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