Wednesday, August 22, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 64

 Well I had to put this polish on as soon as I grabbed it on clearance. I had my eye on this polish since it came out, but honestly I didn't want to spend more than $4.00 on a bottle of polish. Oh it was a great day when I found it on clearance with my other haul  here . I also gave the caviar manicure a go and screwed it up. Over the fear of losing all the beads I layered quick dry polish on top and created an almost glue-gun finish...oops. I did maybe four coats, when two would have covered it. Oh well, learn and move on!
Brand:Sally Hansen
Name: Freeze
pigment:a glitter shimmer metallic mixture of blue
price: $ 1.44 (clearance)

 Oh this is a great blue. It's a mix of glitter and shimmer and metallic blues all put into a quick drying polish! Oh and check out the tiny thumb'll grow back!
 My happy little bottle at such a great price! Don't forget to check out clearance endcaps, you might find some great limited edition polishes hidden in there!

Here is my microbead mishap. You can see the glazed over look of the top coat over the beads. I think I need to work on a technique.

Overall I love the look of this polish. As for the microbeads..well I need to remember I have polish under it and maybe two coats max over them. I want to play with this type of manicure again. It's really interesting to have texture on your nail (great to play with when you're zoning out)  I like this new effect, and I plan to rock it more!
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