Monday, August 20, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 62

 So, this mani was a bit rushed. I wanted to do something with this color and figured to cloud mani would work for it...and well I should have taken my time with it. But I rushed it, and it came out ok (not my best mani by far) I do love the color I used...still sharing it with you!
Name: Pure Orchid
pigment: a deep and creamy purple
price: $2.49

I love this line (like I've said many time before!) and this purple is just love it. So smooth and pigmented  vibrant and violet!  A beautiful addition to any purple lover!
 Like I've said before as well, the bottle shape is really nice. Easy to hold when applying polish!

Next I added NYC's Moma, it was kinda hard to find a medium purple so I went with this magenta
 And to top it all off I used Sugar Plum Fairy by Funky Fingers to finish the look. I don't know why but I always want to add a matte coat to designs like this. I think I've just become such a fan of matte since I've had glossy polishes since I was a kid.
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