Monday, August 13, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 55

Oh am I a sucker for teal. Oh man am I a sucker for limited edition nail polish. Oh am I a super sucker when it's a wonderful formula that is teal and limited edition.  Well played NYC,  you got me to grab up this color when I saw it once again in a local Rite Aid. Now you remember my excitement when I tried this line out a month or so ago. Beautiful pigment, smooth application and overall beautiful colors. Shall we?
Name: Mint Breeze
coats: 3
pigment: a creamy teal with a beautiful bright pigment
price: $2.49

 Oh look how beautiful this color looks. so smooth and such a vibrant pigment, a must have for teal lovers!
 I hope I'm not the only one loving this bottle shape. The cap is a wonderful size, and the brush is a happy medium thickness.
 I couldn't touch this color, I left it bare. Such a fun and flirty teal great for the still hot weather of summer.

 Now I've only found this limited edition display in my local Rite Aid ( nothing in CVS or Walgreens) so keep an eye out on this limited edition line. I know they have a base line that I have seen in wal-mart with reds and pinks.  This teal is gorgeous, no need to sparkle it up because it holds it own. Can't say how much I love this line (and this color) so beautiful!
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