Saturday, June 30, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 11

So I am addicted to Funky Fingers now. So I had to include them in another day of nailart, the colors call me! I loved the combo I got to use on this ever so simple yet eye-catching nail design.
Brand: Funky Fingers
pigment: Medium thickness with a bright pigment.
price: $2.00 for a bottle or 3/$5.00
 Now forgive me, but I didn't have time to clean the nails up in the photos, so please excuse my super sloppy application. I try to clean them up as much as possible. I must admit I was so excited to use these neon colors in one that I forgot to take a shot of the purple on my left hand. So here is my odd angled right hand.
This purple dried a bit darker than the color in the bottle, but again I don't mind it's still a beautiful deep yet bright purple. It went on matte just as the blue did, but a quick top coat changed that! This line of polish is just fabulous to me!
 Here is the design I got super excited over !  Look how much the neon colors just POP! I love how it looks like the dot candies ( you guys know what I'm talking about) and all I used were my bright neon colors and one of my handy dotting tools.
My hero, the dotting tool. I bought my set off of ebay for around $5.00 (including shipping) I got 5 double sided tools.
 Here are all the wonderful colors I used left to right:
Summer Peach
Flirt Alert
Me First
NYC quick dry top coat.

I hope you enjoyed todays post. Please stay tuned for day 12! Don't forget about my facebook page and to follow me on Twitter !

Friday, June 29, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 10

Look at this! Double digits already!Welcome to day 10 everyone! Now I have never used this brand before but I have heard good things about it! Shall we?
Brand: Funky Fingers
Name: Volts
pigment: Medium thickness with a bright pigment.
price: $2.00 for a bottle or 3/$5.00
 Now this color is kinda hard to take a photo of. The top photo is the most true to color of all of the photos I took. In the bottle it looks brighter, but dries darker.
 A nice medium thickness. Reminds me of the brand Ultra Pro (you can find them at Sally's Beauty) and I remember getting a color much like this one. I must also tell you this color dries matte, I put a glossy coat over it to make it shine baby!
 To go with this amazing blue I grabbed a bright pink, and made my nails into cotton candy fun! I also added a line of gold to bring a little pop between the colors.

 Another amazing color, this pink by Pure Ice is gorgeous, and this coming from someone that isn't a pink fan at all!
colors I used from left to right:
 Funky Fingers Volt
Pure Ice Flirt Alert
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails strengthener
Funky Fingers (from what I've seen) you can only purchase at 5 Below. In researching the brand all I found out is that they don't have a website and are put out by the same company that makes Color Club polish. So not bad. The polish did start to thicken as I kept doing my nails, so I did have to stop and cover the bottle and give it a little shake. But honestly, I didn't mind doing that, this color is so beautiful and the price is just amazing. I hope they release new colors soon!
Oh one more thing! (Well really two) on Twitter I was retweeted by the Sally Hansen page and Jordana commented on my mani I did with their nail polishes! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and LIKE my community page on Facebook !
And just a reminder I am on vacation next Friday, so I am planning on posting 1 nail art design and reviewing 3 colors in it. See everyone tomorrow!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 9

Morning everyone! Welcome to day 9 of the challenge! Now sometimes I can't decide what color to wear, so I ask my fiancee time to time. He suggested red as the color for today's challenge, so here it is!
Brand: Wet N' Wild
Name: 221c Everybody Loves Redmond
coats: 2
pigment: medium thickness with a great red pigment
price: under$2.00
Now like I've said before I am a green lovin' kind of girl. So I'm not a real big fan of reds and pinks on nails because there are so many other colors to rock on the nail, why stay in the color safe zone for nails?
I must admit I was shocked how little coats it took, I figured it would take 3. But the pigments in the polish are amazing and cover very well.
 This red isn't a deep red, almost close to a red-orange

 Here is the bottle, part of the Fast Dry collection

 Finished mani using tape and Wet N' Wild 229c Ebony Hates Chris. Such a playful design!

 The Colors I used from left to right:
Wet N' Wild 229c Ebony Hates Chris
Wet N' Wild 221c Everybody Loves Redmond 
NYC quick dry top coat
I hope you enjoyed today's mani! I am having such fun playing with my crafting scissors and new nail designs! Don't forget to LIKE me on facebook  and follow me on twitter. See everyone tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 8

Welcome to day 8 everyone! I'm posting this a bit early for the day, but I have a very full day tomorrow and want to knock this out and not push it aside
Brand: Spoiled by Wet N' Wild
Name: I'm So Jaded S042
pigment: thin coverage, bright color after many coats
price: under$2.00
 So, this neon kick is still going on. I told everyone in my last update how green is my favorite color. Well I decided to go with a bright green polish with a design in mind. Make a tape mani with a bright green and deep blue, so that is just what I did. 
Here is the neon green! I love how it has a light shimmer to the color
loving the Spoiled line

 Took some nail tape after my polish dried and made the tape burst up from the lower corners
 I put a deep metallic blue over the green, took two coats to fully cover
 I used Wet N' Wild Fast Dry Saved By The Blue 230C

I am enjoying this color combo very much! My only complaint is that the polish is very thin and even with a white bottom coat I had to put a whopping 4 coats on my nails for a full and even coverage. I normally don't like going over 3 coats, but I did anyways to show off the brightness of this polish. Thanks for reading and don't forget to LIKE me on facebook and follow these nails on twitter ! See everyone tomorrow ^_^

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 7

Today marks a full week of fun nail polish! I'm so excited to have made it a full week with some great designs and new followers thanks to one of my favorite beauty sites nouveaucheap. Well let's get day 7 started!

Brand:  Jordana
Name: 029 Hot Pink
coats: 3
pigment:medium thickness  with a pink metallic shimmer
price: under$2.00
 I know I'm not the only one that is loving the whole neon craze right now. Bold, bright and eye-catching nails are so in for the summer season, so why not rock a hot pink?
 I picked this color up a few months back in a costume shop in the heart of Boston. It's been hard to find different nail polish brands, but now and again I get lucky and can find a line not carried in drug stores.  This polish went on smooth, I did put a coat of white polish one before I put the pink on to really make it pop

tip: want a bright color to pop? Put a coat of white or silver on after you apply the color, it helps it stand out more. Plus, you won't have to use as many coats since it will help the color stick out more

 While I was doing my nails we had a huge thunderstorm hit our area, so I decided in honor of the flashing and crashing outside I'd add gold sharp tips with it altering on the ring finger.
 For the gold I used Pure Ice 313CP. It has no name, but it is a nice metallic gold shimmer that went so well with the pink!
 Here are the polishes I used from left to right:
Jordana Hot Pink 029
Pure Ice 313CP
NYC quick dry top coat
Sally Hansen Hard As Nail White Tip

I hope you enjoyed today's mani, and I'm not a pink person (green is my favorite color) but I this was such a fun and playful pink, how could I say no? Oh also, don't forget to follow me on twitter and "like" my page on facebook . Thanks for reading, visit tomorrow for day 8!!

four bottles and some fancy q-tips

Evening (or morning) everyone! I just got out of work and had to post the most helpful thing ever! Q-tips, but not just the ones you put in your ear. Q-tip brand has FINALLY put out a precision q-tip aka pointed at the end. Now I discovered these last year, and I love them, but up until a few months ago I cound buy them in packs of 50-75 for about $3.00 and some change. Q-tip has put out a package of 170 cotton swabs for the price of $3.79 (got two boxes plus my discount) these will last me a while, and now I don't have to worry about buying another 75 for an outrageous price.
Oh, and a few weeks ago I picked up 4 bottles of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails and I had them sitting around waiting ever so patiently to be posted, so here they are!
 oh this line brings back wonderful childhood memories!
from left to right:
 300 Rock Candy
760 On The Rocks
840 Ice Queen
710 Gem-Stone

 one of the two new packets of Q-tips
I hope everyone enjoyed this quick update on some goodies I picked up!

Monday, June 25, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 6

Wow! We are already on day 6! I've been enjoying everyday in this challenge! Now I do have a 3 day weekend coming up where I will be out of state so for that I will have a mani using 3 colors to review at once. Let's start on today's!

Brand: Wet N' Wild
Name: Bijou Blue 443D
coats: 3
pigment: medium thickness with a silver-blue metallic reflection
price: under $1.00
This color is so beautiful! I love all shades of blue, and this electric blue stands out with metallic sheen and beautiful pigment.

  It's from Wet N' Wild  from the Wild Shine collection, such a great price for this polish. At times they go on sale for $.69 a polish, you can't argue with that price.

  I have some fabric my fiancee got me from New York City a year ago, I used it as a color combo inspiration.
 Final mani ! I used black to make the color combo pop just a bit more.
 Used L.A. Colors art brush in black

 Also used Sally Hansen Insta-dri Silver Sweep 230

I hope you all enjoyed today's color. I'll be back again tomorrow with a new color and maybe design. Also don't forget to follow me on twitter ichiban_nailart and on facebook  Simply Thrifty Nail Polish Facebook Page

Sunday, June 24, 2012

CVS haul should have cost me $90...but it didn't!!!

A few weeks back I stopped into a CVS and found a pile of these $1.00 off coupons, so I scooped up all 19 of them and put them to good use this haul. My fiancee did the math, with regular price and tax I would have spend a whopping $90 on all of the polished I bought, but ended up spending
$14.00 instead! I did pick up a few doubles and a bottle of NYC instant dry top coat.

Well today we went out for some coffee with a friend  and before heading back to our place I asked to stop into a CVS right there, my fiancee was a bit hesitant but said sure. We went in to find that finally the Sally Hansen HD line was 75% off clearance,but they only had yellow. The final price was $1.82 plus I had a $1.00 SH coupon, so $.82 for a bottle of polish? Yes please!
Well we ended up stopping by the CVS by our place, just to see if they had any more colors than yellow. Well, we went in and saw that the clearance signs were on none of the items! They had full stock of the polishes, so I grabbed up 1 of every color, and SH crackle was on clearance too. 
 I did have a problem with 2 of the SH HD color coming up not of file, but they gave me the polishes for the $1.82 price!

 This is what the coupon looks like. You can use this for any SH polish, I have yet to run into any problem using them on SH polish.
 So shiny! I forgot to put the green in there (in photo below)
from left to right:
Laser (got 2 bottles)
 can't get enough of crackle!!
left to right:
Fuchsia Shock
Cherry Smash
Distressed Denim
Vintage Violet
Antiqued Gold

Now the fuchsia did come up at the normal price ($7.79) but we got 4 bottles of HD that should have been that price for the clearance price, so I can live with 1 bottle for the normal price.

 Every time I see an NYC display Grand Central Station quick dry top coat is always sold out! Well I picked up the last bottle today in my local display FINALLY!!
 Also in the front is the green HD called Resolution 

All of this polish for $14.00 you just can't go wrong

365 polish for a year challenge: day 5

brand: Essie
name: Sure Shot
coats: 2
pigment: medium thickness with metallic shimmer

So this is the 1 and only bottle of Essie that I currently own. I got it for free from a beauty advisor when I worked at CVS. Now I know a lot of people love Essie, but I just don't get the hype and spending at least $8.00 on a bottle when you can find so many dupes out there!

 My fiancee said to do a color that was like a raspberry, so I chose this Essie color. I did two coats of the polish and a quick dry top coat.
 Then to be even more creative he suggested a black tip for "black raspberries" and was a bit impressed by his suggestion. So I did just that.

 Here are the polishes used left to right
Essie Sure Shot
Wet N' Wild 229C Ebony Hates Chris

So I grabbed one of my new crafting scissors and went to work

and the end product are black raspberry nails ^_^

So my opinion on Essie? Meh, it's a nice bottle, pigment and thickness. The brush is nice and thin, but to me spending that much on a bottle of polish is just to much. I've never seen them on sale (less than $8.00) and coupons for them are hard to come by. Again, there are many dupes out there, but I can say I don't hate the polish, just the price. I hope everyone enjoyed day 5, and don't forget to "like" my facebook page SimplyThriftyNailPolish to follow the updates on there and on twitter Ichiban_nailart

Saturday, June 23, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 4

brand: Spoiled By Wet N' Wild
name: S043 Toad-ally Amazing
pigment: medium thickness, creamy with small reflective sparkles
price: under $2.00

Good evening everyone! I have been so busy today with work, thunderstorms, and running around town picking up much needed items. So now a bit after 10pm EST I am finally posting my polish of the day. Picked this color because I've tired the Spoiled line only once before and needed a refresher of why I got so many colors by them. I remembered I hated the brush, but this time around I enjoyed it. It could have just been the brush on the color I was using at the time. They offer the wider brush on this line, and makes it easy to achieve a  cleaner edge near the cuticle.

 Here we have this fantastic creamy pastel teal. I remember when this line came out when I still worked at CVS, I was so excited to get my discount on top of the ever so reasonable $1.99 asking price. The line came out with 72 shades, I think I picked up around 20 or so.

 This color is not so new, but the sticker still thinks it is! Now this line is exclusive to CVS only and is put out by Wet N' Wild

 Forgot to show my base coat and nail treatment I've been using lately
from left to right:
NK Smoother Nail
NK Nail Enamel
Spoiled Toad-ally Amazing

Now to show what I picked up on my trip out. My fiancee was nice enough to bring me to the craft store to pick up some scrap booking scissors. We went there to find the price more reasonable than and their prices, plus I had a 40% off coupon! I picked up this set, I hope to do wonderful things with the designs!
 I got a set of 12 different scissors and different designs. I got the idea from another nail blog (she no longer updates) saying that she does a lot of her designs with crafting scissors and Scotch tape.
this is a link, her collection blows mine out of the water, and her designs are beautiful!
 Glad the scissors come in fun crayon like colors, so playful!
Also picked up "removable" Scotch tape, don't know if it will make a difference from regular Scotch tape, we'll see! I hope everyone enjoyed day 4, here is the finished mani

 Used the jigsaw scissors and used Sally Hansen 460 Snappy Sorbet to go with the teal
Hope you enjoyed!