Sunday, June 17, 2012

12 more polishes, a New York Haul

 I had a wonderful three day weekend in NY with my finacee and his family to go see a Mets game, celebrate his brothers birthday, his and Father's Day! What a busy weekend! Well the game was Friday evening (they ended up losing but gave a good fight!) 
Saturday we ended up going to the mall and ended up finding a beauty store with L.A. Colors polish (hard to find in the city other than in costume stores) and some NK polish as well. I hit Target too and picked up a Revlon polish I found the other day on sale and I had a coupon, how could I resist?

 First I found these cute little pedicure separators on clearance for $.70! I grabbed two of them, so cute for summer and I love the bright neon colors
 From the beauty supply store I picked up two much needed nail treatment polishes. I saw a few that I've heard of before (garlic nail treatment and such) but I grabbed two bottles that I could use for my troubled nails. On the left is calcium nail gel to help harden the nail. Next is the smooth nail ridge filler, it helps even out uneven nails (I've been dealing with this for a while, I use my hands/fingers a lot at work with the register and every day work activities )

 Next are some NK polishes I found in the same store. I was so happy to see all of the polishes I was picking out were only $.99 each (yay my wallet was happy too!) I've found NK in a local costume/wig store here in Boston before, and I was so happy to find more colors in the beauty store. I love green and blue, and was lucky enough to find some beautiful shades that I don't have. 
from left to right:
Blue Sapphire
Light Blue
Pastel Lime Green
I must say, the names of this line are lack luster and very dull and uncreative. Makes me sad that they couldn't put a little more effort into more fun names =(

I don't know if I was in a Fall kinda mood, but L.A. Colors was (my favorite season if you all must know) They had a great amount of L.A. Colors polish in stock, and I grabbed four beautiful colors. Three deep earthy toned colors and one eye catching mash between a goldish-yellow-orange metallic polish.
From left to right:
Black Pearl 
Gold Nugget
Blue Lagoon

The photos don't do the colors justice. Black Pearl is a blackish/gunmetal with sparkles in it. Cactus is a deep green metallic with green sparkles. Blue Lagoon is a deep metallic blue that reflects a whiteish tone in it, so beautiful!!

Last are my polishes I picked up at Target. I already have the Hard Candy Matte finish, and wanted to try another brand. I picked up the NYC Matte Me Crazy top coat just to see how the different formulas works, better or worse than the other?
Next I picked up yet another Revlon colors! They were on sale for $4.29 and I had a $1.00 off coupon, I could not say no to this deal. This line sells for about $6.00 at regular price, a bit to high for my liking to spend on a bottle of polish. I discovered this color last week when putting some returns away. It's called Rain Forest and is a very dark green with lighter green sparkles in it. My gosh is it Fall yet to rock these colors? 
I hope you all enjoyed my latest nail polish additions. Any new colors you've picked up and are loving right now? How about a polish line you can't get enough of? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. The black pearl sounds sexy. Plus...isn't that a pirate ship too?

  2. it is very sexy, and yes that is a ship...I didn't get one with my purchase =(