Saturday, June 30, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 11

So I am addicted to Funky Fingers now. So I had to include them in another day of nailart, the colors call me! I loved the combo I got to use on this ever so simple yet eye-catching nail design.
Brand: Funky Fingers
pigment: Medium thickness with a bright pigment.
price: $2.00 for a bottle or 3/$5.00
 Now forgive me, but I didn't have time to clean the nails up in the photos, so please excuse my super sloppy application. I try to clean them up as much as possible. I must admit I was so excited to use these neon colors in one that I forgot to take a shot of the purple on my left hand. So here is my odd angled right hand.
This purple dried a bit darker than the color in the bottle, but again I don't mind it's still a beautiful deep yet bright purple. It went on matte just as the blue did, but a quick top coat changed that! This line of polish is just fabulous to me!
 Here is the design I got super excited over !  Look how much the neon colors just POP! I love how it looks like the dot candies ( you guys know what I'm talking about) and all I used were my bright neon colors and one of my handy dotting tools.
My hero, the dotting tool. I bought my set off of ebay for around $5.00 (including shipping) I got 5 double sided tools.
 Here are all the wonderful colors I used left to right:
Summer Peach
Flirt Alert
Me First
NYC quick dry top coat.

I hope you enjoyed todays post. Please stay tuned for day 12! Don't forget about my facebook page and to follow me on Twitter !

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