Sunday, June 24, 2012

CVS haul should have cost me $90...but it didn't!!!

A few weeks back I stopped into a CVS and found a pile of these $1.00 off coupons, so I scooped up all 19 of them and put them to good use this haul. My fiancee did the math, with regular price and tax I would have spend a whopping $90 on all of the polished I bought, but ended up spending
$14.00 instead! I did pick up a few doubles and a bottle of NYC instant dry top coat.

Well today we went out for some coffee with a friend  and before heading back to our place I asked to stop into a CVS right there, my fiancee was a bit hesitant but said sure. We went in to find that finally the Sally Hansen HD line was 75% off clearance,but they only had yellow. The final price was $1.82 plus I had a $1.00 SH coupon, so $.82 for a bottle of polish? Yes please!
Well we ended up stopping by the CVS by our place, just to see if they had any more colors than yellow. Well, we went in and saw that the clearance signs were on none of the items! They had full stock of the polishes, so I grabbed up 1 of every color, and SH crackle was on clearance too. 
 I did have a problem with 2 of the SH HD color coming up not of file, but they gave me the polishes for the $1.82 price!

 This is what the coupon looks like. You can use this for any SH polish, I have yet to run into any problem using them on SH polish.
 So shiny! I forgot to put the green in there (in photo below)
from left to right:
Laser (got 2 bottles)
 can't get enough of crackle!!
left to right:
Fuchsia Shock
Cherry Smash
Distressed Denim
Vintage Violet
Antiqued Gold

Now the fuchsia did come up at the normal price ($7.79) but we got 4 bottles of HD that should have been that price for the clearance price, so I can live with 1 bottle for the normal price.

 Every time I see an NYC display Grand Central Station quick dry top coat is always sold out! Well I picked up the last bottle today in my local display FINALLY!!
 Also in the front is the green HD called Resolution 

All of this polish for $14.00 you just can't go wrong

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