Monday, June 4, 2012

Framed nails take two! Success this time around

So you all saw my angry rant the other post about the framed nail art, the technique with the acrylic paint and my hour and a half of work that just rubbed off the next day work. Well I tried a different technique with all nail polish and some nail art brushes...and I am happy to say it was a total success and half the time!

Colors I used left to right:
Magenta moves
Star fish
Orange impulse
Exotic green
Mint sorbet
French kiss
Be happy
Lacey lilac

Continuous treatment hardeneing
Clearly quick

 Full view of the nails

 brush I used, just a painting brush

 I wanted to do my nails in bright colors for the outline and a nice pastel in the middle, a good contrast and eye catching. I also wanted to do multi-colors because it's really hard to just put one colored polish on all ten fingers!
 Also it was in Allure magazine from this month if I do recall that asked women how often they paint their nails, and it was around 28% said at least three times a week! I am in that percentage!! So I like to keep them looking nice and have creative looks, but I don't want to end up spending a ton of time on them. Well here is the framed nail art (becoming very popular this summer) in a few easy steps!

step one: prep the nail. For this one the shape of the nail will help defy the look of the frame, I like keeping my nails in a square design, some like the rounded nails, all up to you. After shaping and filing the nail put down your base coat. Next choose two colors (I chose ten, one dark and one pastel) to make the design.

step two: Apply the "framed" color on the nail as a regular application. Make sure the try to keep it clean around the cuticle, apply one to two coats, let the color dry before applying the next color.

step thee: With the "inside frame" color very carefully apply it to the middle of the nail and bring it up. Apply it as close or as far from the cuticle as you want, you can base the thickness or thinness of your frame on the distance from your cuticle, try to keep the distance the same on the sides, let dry.

step four:  Take a nail art or even paint brush, dip it in the framed color, and go back over to top of the nail to complete a full framed effect on the nails, and to touch up any mistakes you made around the edges. Let the polish dry before hitting them with a top coat.

 This so super fun, super easy and super eye catching design! So fun and flirty, I can't wait to show my nails off at work. Oh also this took me (with switching colors) about half an hour to do. I hope you get around to trying this, and I would love to see your nail art too!

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