Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ulta Haul, finally picked up Zoya polish!

 I get Allure magazine in the mail, and got a great coupon in my latest issue for $5.00 off a $15.00 or more purchase! So I stopped into the closest Ulta and picked up some new items I've been wanting to try.

 First items I picked up are from Neutrogena and Forlmula 10.0.6.
The Neutrogena bottle is an acme eliminating spot gel. Due to the time of the year I tend to sweat a bit more, and have broken out a bit on my face. I picked this up because I've had good luck with Neutrogena in the past. My current spot treatment is a night time cream and comes up white on the skin, this is a clear gel and claims to clear up problem spots in 8hrs...we'll see by tonight/tomorrow how well it works.
Next item is another Formula 10.0.6. product called Pores Be Pure, a mudmask that has strawberry and yarrow to help clean up the skin and clear out pores. I have been on a major mask kick as of recent. I do want to pick up one more mud mask from them with orange in them, seeing how well their line is and using the power of fruit to fight bad skin is kinda fun.

Next I am finally happy to say that I picked up two bottles of Zoya polish! I never spend $8.00 on a bottle, but I was so in love with these fun my coupon took a $1.11 off each, so the blow to my wallet wasn't as bad as it could have been. I've been LOVING the textured glitters out there (along the lines of Color Club Covered In Diamonds) and they had two of my favorite colors green and blue. The green is called Opal and the blue is called Maisie. They have great color reflection in any kind of light, and I can't wait to work them into a nail design.
 And finally I picked up some much needed waterproof eyeliner. I use a waterproof liquid on my upper lid, and I refuse to even go near my waterline with I picked up a crayon liner. I was happy to see that it was $2.99, but after leaving the store I saw that I paid $5.49 for it...yikes. I hope this liner doesn't smudge like it says, or back to the store it shall go!  The maker is Prestige and  the color is 01 black. Also I discovered the clearance section of the store with a ton of polish...but sadly it was mostly OPI. Now I know a lot of people like OPI but I find the way they cover/go on to be thick and sloppy. I have 1 OPI bottle, and will not pick up another polish by them because of my experience with it. I hope you enjoyed my lil haul. I hope to wear those Zoya colors soon!

did a quick polish before work, Sally Hansen insta-dri colors with the Zoya sparkles on top


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