Friday, May 18, 2012

(haul) more beauty purchases

ok, I couldn't help myself. I snapped some quick photos of some of my recent purchases from the world of beauty.

My local CVS marked down a good amount of Clean and Clear products. I got these two bottles for $3.49 each, plus I had some dollar off coupons so I walked away paying $2.49 for each with the normal retail of $7.99, so I got a fantastic deal on them. They have fruit extract in them, something I've been liking a lot as of recent. I talked to my beauty adviser about them, she said it was a great deal on the price, and a lot of products with any fruit or veggies in them are great for your skin.

I've been on the search for a new face cloth. I use to get mine at wal-mart, but since I don't have any around me I've had to look at other stores. I picked up the CVS brand because the price was good. $3.19 for 30 moisturizing cloths. They work well, my only complaint is that they seem very thin, other than that they work very nicely.

One more Clean and Clear product I picked up on clearance for around $2.49, with a coupon I spend a very happy $1.49 on this cleanser. I love oil free cleaners, and wanted to give it a shot.

Now I had a chance to stock up on some shave gel with a sale and some coupons. At Walgreens skintimate shave gel was on sale for a reasonable $1.99. I picked up a limited edition scent and two berry scented bottles for an even better $0.99 each thanks to my coupons. Oh I must give props to my Mom and sister for showing me the ways of the coupons

So at times my arms or my legs with get a little dry. Well, my Mom gave me some body wash a while back and I have loved it since my first time using it. My only problem is that they tend to release great products in huge sizes at not so great prices. Well, while in a local Walgreens the other day I found a rare trial size of the same body wash my Mom gave me at the great price of $2.99. I scooped up two of them, one softening and one toning. I had a few Dove coupons, but misplaced them...oops. Well I still got my discount on them, and I make them last because I only use them when my normal bodywash isn't helping out any dry skin.

so I forgot to take a photo of this, but I picked up Garnier XXL body mousse. My hair likes to do one thing, and that is be flat. So I try to get as much volume as possible into it. I used the Garnier mousse before, and wanted to try the XXL mousse to see if it could volumize my hair a bit more. Now this was on sale at my job buy one get one half off, plus my discount. So I got two bottles a little over the price of one. I hope it works, my first use will be tomorrow morning.
I hope you all enjoyed my haul, I know I've enjoyed trying these new products out! Can't wait to find more soon!

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