Monday, May 28, 2012

Wet N' Wild Megalast review, easy looking not easy nail art

 I picked up some great colors in my last haul (see previous post for the full list and photos) Well, in this haul I picked up almost all of the Megalast collection. So last night I finally got to try this line out and I'd like to give my review on a few colors from the collection.

I didn't want to just stick to one color, so I chose two colors that reminded me of berries and mint. So I used 208B Through The Grapevine and 218A I Need A Refresh-Mint.  Now the colors dry very true to the colors in the bottle. The polish is a bit on the thick side, I do worry that the polish might go back in a few months.

I do like the bottle shape, unique and clean.

The simple back and silver cap keeps the simple shape in check.

both bottles side by side

This line has been equipped with a probrush manicurve tip. Now this brush is much thicker than what i am use to using with Sally Hansen Pure Ice. I was worried it was going to come out sloppy, but shockingly it took only two stroked to do almost all my nails. The brush has a slight curve to get in close near your cuticles, and wide enough to keep the brush strokes low.

After painting my nails I added a coat of gold glitter. I went this my Pure Ice  582CP (no name on the bottle, just the number) The colors look great, and the glitter adds an extra element of happiness and sparkle to make your hands stand out in the sun or under any lighting.


I almost went with a matte finish, but wanted my nails to stand out a little more with the warmer weather we've been having.

Now onto a side note. I've been posting on Facebook, saying I wanted to try a framed nail for a few weeks. i finally tried it out with the technique of drawing the frame in with acrylic paint instead of polish. I am one that finds painting nails with paint a way of cheating, but I do understand why people do it.

I used my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri  Blue By and Lickety-Split Lime as my base colors. I went to my art kit a received a few years ago and picked out a close green and blue. I used acrylic paint by Art Studio by Battat. I used one of my thin art brushes. Started on the side and filled in near the cuticle, and then finished the top. This took me forever!!!! Having the option to wipe away the paint was awesome, but having to pay attention to how thick or thin I drew the line. I finished this in an hour and a half.
I put a top coat on top to protect the paint from chipping. Well, I went into work the next day, and almost all of the paint on the top of the nail was almost gone. I put all that effort into it, and it chipped within one day of doing it. I might try this technique one more time, maybe use paint first, then go over it with polish. I can tell you, you need steady hands and you need to be very patient if you do attempt this technique. 
I hope you enjoyed the review and my frustration with nail art.

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