Thursday, May 3, 2012

Easy Playful Purple Dotted Nails

I was on youtube this morning and was looking for something new to do with my nails. Well I've seen a lot of people doing dots/bubbles whatever you want to call them. So I did a search and found a wonderful diagonal purple dot tutorial that was so cute and so simple, I just had to do it!
video link: Diagonal Purple Dots

So after watching the video I went and grabbed three shades of purple and for the base color I used a metallic purple almost pink color, something to work with the colors but not over power them.
From left to right:
NYC Glitzy Grape Glitter
Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac
Sinful Colors Amethyst
NYC Manhattan

So I put a base coat on and then did three coats of Glitzy Grape Glitter to make sure it would cover the full nail and not be transparent.

After I applied the base color I took my dotting tool (bought on ebay) and started making dots on my nails. I started off with the larger dots and then filled in the smaller dots altering colors.

This is my finished product. It took me less than ten minutes to do my nails and they look so playful and so simple to do, I hope some of you will try this look out and tell me how it turned out! Also check out the youtube video from beautybymoi

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