Monday, April 30, 2012

Neon flash! Bright nailart that are easier than you think!

Now we all know that neon colors are in this season, and I've been dying to rock some! Well today I sat down with three colors, a top coat and sparkles and made some eye catching (super easy btw) nail art. I'm so excited to share with everyone!

Here are the colors I used for this look.  Sinful Colors "Savage" a fantastic teal that dries totally matte. So if you want color without a glossy shine, this is totally your polish

Here are my nails after a bottom coat and two coats of Savage. I was almost tempted to keep the matte teal, but I know I'd get bored with it so quickly. So I looked at the new nail art polishes I picked up (thanks to my honey) and wanted my nails to be a bit louder.

So I took the nail art brush, started off with a light coat of polish on it and did quick almost flickering strokes up near the top of the nail, making sure some go further down the nail itself. when my brush was almost dried I repeated, putting a full coverage coat at the top of the nail.

The two colors I used were "Me First" the neon yellow that turns almost green when put on in a thin layer.
The next is a deep almost raspberry looking purple called "Sour Grapes" Now this color dries much darker than it looks in the bottle. It also mixes really well with the blue underneath. 

 I finished up the nails by hitting it with some sparkles on the feathered strokes just to give it a little more glam. I used "105 Tinsel" by Confetti and then put Sally Hansen "Double Duty top/bottom coat" on. This look is so easy to do and is very unique. You don't need a super steady hand to create this look and you could try it with so many colors. I hope you enjoyed this post, I hope to bring you more soon

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