Thursday, April 26, 2012

Favorite sites

This is just going to be a quick post of the sites I like to visit, get my news and sale info from.
Now I'm going to post my favorite nail/makeup sites

Captive Claws posts new photos almost every day with mainstream and indie nail makers. I love coming here every few days to see a new color review

Another nail polish reviewer. She likes posting nail polish reviews, nail art and some giveaways as well!

If you love vintage clothing, nail polish addiction and a love for all things lovely then this is your site! Posts reviews of nail polish, new clothing she's picked up, and anything that seems glamorous to her. Love this site, you should too!

Makeup and Nail polish reviews! Mid-range to higher end cosmetics. She also has a bunch of swatches for you to look at as well!

Now I found Iladybuggirl on youtube. She does hauls and reviews of makeup and nail polish. She takes wonderful photos! She reviews anything from low to mid-range priced products!

fellow nail blogger with adorable nail art and some other product reviews.

now to places I like to go for nail polish to buy/hear about sales.

I'm going to tell you my number one place to go is I can find anything I could possibly want at an amazing price. But there are other sites. Also, check out your favorite nail/lip/ hair product maker. Sign up for their mailing list. They send out new promo info, coupons and sales!

Cherry Culture has a TON of new products, and a lot of the times things are on sale. And I think if you spend over $40 your shipping is free. I know they have random sales, so i always check them out now and again. Sign up for their email list to get heads up and promo codes

$3.00-$4.00 for a bottle that costs $6.00 in stores?? I'll take it! Just found this site, and well its hard to hold off and not go on a shopping spree with these prices. They have an amazing inventory and I've heard their shipping is fast! Not sure if they have sales...but if they do I'll tell you guys!

and now my favorite site. She does reviews on a lot of drugstore products, polishes and various other beauty products. But my favorite thing is that she posts A TON of weekly beauty sales in one simple place. Her subscribers can also tell her about new promos or even items they found at a great price. I check this site out daily.

I hope you enjoyed this. What sites do you check out? Have one to share with me? I'd love to check em' out

also, my collection is growing, I'm going to need more storage soon!

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