Tuesday, February 26, 2013

365 polish for a year challenge: day 248-253

Happy Tuesday everyone! I was out of state all this weekend visiting Philadelphia! I had a great time with friends and enjoyed my trip very much! I cam back and had a bit of a rest day on Monday and I'm back with some lovely polishes to share with you!
Brand: Jordana
Name: Boy Oh Boy
coats: 2
pigment: a bright and flirty teal
 I totally forgot I had this beautiful teal color. I t went on so smoothly and was just so bright and creamy. This is a great shade, and the price is not bad either.
Brand: Sinful Colors
Name: Candy Coated
pigment: a beautiful pastel lilac
price:$.99 (sale price)
 This is part of the new Sinful Color Sugar Rush collection that just came out. It arrived just in time for Spring. I only put two coats on because it looked like it had full coverage, but with the flash it shows that I should have gone with one more coat.
I took this color and put an accent nail foil on my ring finger with the nail foil called Snake Skin. This was more of a transparent design more than a foil. I think it came out looking very cool an unique, I definitely want to try this with more colors.  
Brand: Loreal
Name: Paparazzi Pleaser
pigment: a medium deep creamy purple
 This color dries a bit deeper than it looks in the bottle, and well I really don't mind. This purple is a deep and creamy shade that is just so beautiful to me. It has a bit of a blue undertone, but does come off as a strong purple. I love Loreals formula for their polish, and this might be one of my top 5 favorite colors by them.
Brand: Wet N' Wild
Name: Metallica
coats: 3
pigment: a simple silver
 I've had this polish for sometime, to be honest I think I have 2 bottles of this color. This has been a basic staple color lineup by WNW for some time. A beautiful formula with great coverage and a great price.
 To make this mani pop a bit I added yet another accent nail to my ring finger using the nail foil Comet Trail. This one was also like a clear transfer, but it looks like it has a silver background. I love how this foil looks, and you can have it going vertically or horizontally. 
Brand: Sinful Colors
Name: Cream Pink
coats: 3
pigment: a bright pink with a matte finish
 Looking at this photo I see that this polish has a bit of a gold shimmer undertone. I did add a top coat to this polish, but before that it had a bit of a matte finish. I had this polish hanging out since last summer. I chose this color to go with one of the free nail stickers I got in my Nail It magazine (I love this magazine btw!)
 Here I used a KISS nail sticker on my ring finger as an accent nail. It was very sticky and a bit hard to file off at the free edge (I ended up kinda folding it under and trying to hide it for the photo) But other than that little problem it fit very well on my nail, and with the assistance of an orange stick it was easy to apply.
Brand: Color Club
Name: n/a
pigment: a green shimmer polish
price:$3.99/2pc set
 I wanted to do something with this metallic green so I only hit my nails with 2 coats, still keeping the polish on the transparent side. But I knew I was going to add a bit of art to it so I kept it that way. This is a gorgeous shimmering glitter polish. Green with a bit of a golden reflection in the light, great for St. Patrick's Day!
I took this green and added some black stripes, about 4 lines each nail. I filled in every other line with a metallic blue polish. I really like how the black made both polishes stand out on their own, not out doing one another. I've been having fun with a simple line design on my nails for a bit, you can't go wrong with simplicity.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a much needed nail haul

Sooo Sinful Colors are $.99 right now (at least in my area) and I have picked up a few bottles. I did see the Almost Famous display, and have yet to decide if I wanted to get the collection or not. Now I did hold off on getting Unicorn because I already have it. I also want to point out that they've added a hand full of new polishes to the basic collection, keep an eye out for them!

left to right:
Sugar N' Spice
Cotton Candy
Orange Cream
Green Ocean
Beau Khaki
Endless Blue
Sweet Nothing
Sugar Rush
Sweet Tooth
Candy Coated

just a short and simple nail haul update, very overdue if you ask me ;D

365 polish for a year challenge: day 247

 Good evening everyone! Hope you're all staying warm tonight, it is freezing outside! I think I am due for a cup of hot coco after this post. Today I dive into the world of Color Club once again and mixed in a nail foil to make one hell of any eye catching design. After  I put the foils on, I kept looking at my nails for a good 10 mins. Enough with the talk, onto the nails!
Brand: Color Club
Name: n/a
pigment: a deep gray bordering on black
price:$3.99/2pc set

I used another beautiful Color Club polish today! Again the only sad part about these polishes was that they don't have any color names. I one coat on because I didn't need full coverage for this manicure that I had in mind. Even with just one coat it did cover very well.

Once again using one of my many nail foils. I applied one thin coat of foil glue and let it dry for about four minutes. After that I rubber the foil onto my nail with a q-tip and got this lovely manicure result. Please forgive the dull photo, every time I used flash the design vanished in the reflection. So this is taken with no flash and I tried my best to adjust the color. It does have gold squares the mix with black ones. This is one eye-catching and  super easy technique. I've been enjoying my foils a lot.
Once again the site I get my foils from is http://dollarnailart.com and they require a minimum purchase of $25 or more. Shipping depends on what you get, and is 3 day shipping. I learned how to apply foils by watching tutorials online and figuring out what worked best for me.

Oh also, a side note. I found out today was the launch of a new nail magazine called Nail It Magazine. I already singed up for a years subscriptions! I tried looking for it today in Walgreens and CVS with no luck. I guess I'll have to wait for my first issue to come in. This magazine caught my eye because it looks like one that is aimed to the regular consumer/nail enthusiast and not just nail professionals like a lot of the nail magazines out there today.  I'm very exctied and I encourage you to check out their FB page https://www.facebook.com/NailItMagazine .
I might do an update on it when I finally get my claws on the first issue!
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

365 polish for a year challenge: day 240-246

 Hello everyone! Oh man, I have been slacking off! But can you blame me...a three day weekend filled with pancakes and sleeping in! So, have any of you spotted the new Sinful Colors displays hitting Walgreens? I have yet to get any of the new pastel colors because it has yet to hit my local store :(
I'm hoping to go in tomorrow (they have a truck coming tomorrow! It helps to know the staff!) and I hope they finally get the new displays in! I would love to get them on sale this week...if not my quest will keep going until I find them. Oh, also have you noticed newer colors put into the basic lineup? I picked up Endless Blue (omg look this color up!) and I am trying my best to hold off from using it. Trust me, it is just a gorgeous cobalt blue that kinda looks like a dupe for Butler Please. Enough polish chit chat, onto the polish photos! 
Brand: NYC
Name: Boat Basin
coats: 3
pigment: a bright medium blue
 This was a limited edition color that came out a few months ago if I am correct. Well I was in my local CVS and grabbed the last bottle! I was so excited to see this color on the display just waiting for me! I wish NYC released more limited edition colors more frequently, I don't mind paying a lower price for more beautiful colors. My only mistake with this was that I did not apply a top or base coat (feeling lazy) so I got one day of wear out of it before the polish chipped...it was beautiful while it lasted.

Brand: CQ
Name: Corduroy
coats: 3
pigment: a gray and deep teal
price:$.99 (clearance)
 I was up in New Hampshire last week to pick up some mail at my parent's house. While up there I decided to pop into the rite aid in town, see if they had any Color Club polishes. I have only been able to find Color Club at Christmas Tree  Shop, lucky to spot it in Marshall's and Rite Aid. Well they had clearance neon crackle (not that interesting to me) but they also had a ton of CQ polishes on clearance from $3.99 to a pleasing $.99!
All the green shades were on clearance (yay just in time for March!) so I grabbed all four shades. This was my first time using this polish. I was worried it would be super thin, but after three coats it had a beautiful opaque coverage. A beautiful high gloss shine, and average dry time. Overall, if the polish wasn't $3.99 a bottle for the regular price I'd probably would have tried it earlier. Oh well, I have four bottles to tide me over.

Brand: Color Clue
Name: n/a
coats: 2
pigment: a deep plum
price:$3.99/2pc set
Remember when I told you Color Club is kinda hard to come across? You don't?? I just said that in the polish before this!! Well, I went into downtown Boston and found in my local Marsshall's a great deal! Two bottles for $3.99. Around here the bottles are $3.99 each (at Christmas Tree Shop) so i jumped at the chance to grab a few bottles! Here we have a deep plum purple. This color looked black in darker lighting, but was truly beautiful in the sunlight. I love deep purples, it makes me want grapes too lol
I took the sparkle flex glitter that came in the 2pc set and slapped it ontop of the purple to make it stand out a little bit more. I just love how wonderful the glitter looks onto of deep colors, I could stare at this all day.

Brand: Sinful Colors
Name: Calypso
pigment: a deep "tardis blue" (someone on instagram dubbed it that!)
price:$.99 (sale)
 This color has been added to the basic lineup of Sinful Colors (yay new colors!!!) and well, I just couldn't resist another deep color. Depending on the lighting it looks blue and green. I'm in a bit of dark lighting right now, and it looks like a deep moss green.  I'm sure it stands out as a deep denim blue in the sun. Overall it is a beautiful color, thank you SC for finally adding new colors to the basic line!

Brand: Dollarnailart.com
Name: African Jade
pigment: a  nail foil mix of light blue and gold
price:$1.00/5ft of foil
 As you can see on my ring and middle finger I have tip wear, this is after three days of wearing this nail foil, I DID NOT want to take it off. A simple teal with gold creeping out like washed away paint from ages of wear. If you ever order from dollarnailart.com I suggest picking this hidden gem up! I almost passed by it on the site. It is the first color on the bottom where all the foils are after the group foil special. I painted one coat of teal under the polish just in case I missed a spot on my nail while applying the glue. 
This foil did not react as badly as my metallic foils do to a top coat. Again I want to stress that this foil is amazing and don't over look it, I almost did!

Brand: Sinful Colors
Name: Beau Khaki
coats: 2
pigment: a light olive green 
price:$.99 (sale)
 Another hidden gem that Sinful Colors has put into their basic collection. A deep olive green with a little bit of a gray undertone in it. This polish is just beautiful and gave me full coverage in two coats. I can say I am drawn to cool colored polishes and this falls right into that category. If you like deep greens I suggest this polish! I hope you enjoyed my overdue update today!
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

365 polish for a year challenge: day 236-239

 Evening everyone! I hope you are enjoying (as it is in my house) Taco Tuesday! And yes, we did enjoy some delicious tacos tonight. I hope everyone did the same. We do this every other Tuesday night (best night ever!) 
Up here in the North East we are still struggling to clean up the dump that father winter and mother nature decided to pound us with last weekend.  It's been hard to get around side streets, and parking is still crazy. But on a good note, we didn't lose power and everyone here is safe. 
So onto the polish stuff! I must make a note,two of the polishes I used...well I forgot to take a photos of the before polish and only have photos with nail art on it (oops) I think I was so excited to do designs that I just forgot to take a few shots of the polish by itself
Name:Dude Blue
coats: 3
pigment: a bright "neon" blue
 This color is from Milani's Neon line. To be honest, it wasn't that bright. It came off a bit dull with a waxy like finish. I should have put white under it, but with the first coat it looked promising!! Oh well lesson learned, with neons white is always a good chose for a base coat.

Brand: Sally Hansen
Name: Limestone
coats: 3
pigment: a bright green
 This color is not classified as a neon, it's just part of the Hard As Nails lines. I'm not sure if they got rid of it or if they're re-doing the formulas for this line. But a lot of places clearanced this line! This was three coats with a beautiful glossy finish. I hit the accent nail with a deep blue and made a design with nail striping tape. Over all a very cute and very simple look!

Brand: Sinful Colors
Name:Cool Gray
coats: 3
pigment: a light gray
 I was feeling this color because of all the overcast clouds we had. A simple yet stunning gray. This is a bit on the lighter gray side. It was gloomy yet chipper at the same time.
 I went with a blacked out accent nail and did a shattered design with a nail stamp on all the other nails. I thought this look really came together. I almost filled in some of the holes with black polish, but decided to hold off and keep it as is.
Brand: Sinful Colors
Name:Vacation Time
coats: 3
pigment: a creamy nude pink
 This is my big oops. I forgot to take a photo of the nude pink (but you can see it!) I hit my nails with a very simple pink and decided to add a bit of flavor to this design. All free hand I added black stripes with alternating red and bright pink stripes down the nail. It gives this look a little bit of playfulness and is a cute and simple look for Valentine's Day!
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Friday, February 8, 2013

365 polish for a year challenge: day 233-235

Hello everyone! Oh it is cold outside with this blizzard pounding the North East like nobody's business! We've bunkered down at our place and hope to stay here for at least the next 24hrs or so. I hope everyone else is some place warm and snow free! Well let's keep our minds off the snow and on the polish!

Name: Med
pigment: a metallic green
This is my 3rd Zoya polish that I have ever owned. I got it on clearance plus I had a 20% discount coupon (on snap!) This color caught my eye because it was a gorgeous metallic green. After putting it on with two coats I realized that the metallic polish from Sinful Colors looks just about the same as this one but costs much less! It was still a beautiful color, and not a bad price for clearance polish ;D
Brand:Jesse's Girl
Name: Girls Night Out
coats: 3
pigment: a bright and glossy blue
 I know, I am a sucker fore a glossy blue. But you don't understand my struggle with this line of polish. I find it hard to spend $3.00 on a bottle of polish. But this color has been taunting me since last summer. The price did go down from last time I saw it ($3.99) so I was a rebel and scooped it up. My only complaint was that the bottle didn't seem to be filled all the way and with 3 coats it looks like I used a lot of polish, but I know I didn't.
 To brighten this design up I used some nail tape and made my ring finger a bright pink accent nail. It turned out very clean and beautiful, and I got a ton of compliments on this look!
Brand:Sinful Colors
Name: Night Magic
pigment: a halfway point between gray and black
I found this hidden gem in Rite Aid a while back. I forgot I had it until I stumbled across it at the bottle of my purse, so of course I had to wear it. A deep and smokey gray that walks the line between black and gray. Went on smoothly with a creamy glossy finish.
 In honor of this cold weather I went back to one of my favorite designs, penguins! I made then with a little V dip this time instead of keeping them rounded. I must say this makes my nails appear much longer than they are. They're very cute and playful and I'm glad they're here for this cold weather!
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Monday, February 4, 2013

365 polish for a year challenge: day 230-232

 Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend filled with football! That was a tense game!! I was watching it on and off because well, my team didn't make it this year (next year Pats!) I was feeling some super bright colors for the past few days. We got light snow all of yesterday with cloudy skies, so my bright mani really fought away the winter blues. Shall we?
Brand: Jessica
Name: Only In Venice!
coats: 3
pigment: a bright and glossy orange
price:$7.99/ 7pc set
 Ohhh look at this color! Bright and glossy! I found this color hidden away in my stash, and I just had to put it on. I got this color last year after a trip to Marshall's, found a nice nail polish set there. I might have switched colors out that I wanted (I know, I shouldn't have, but you can only enjoy so many shades of pink and red in one set!)
This really is a delightful summer color, but it's been so cold in New England that I decided to put a little bit of bright sun rays on my nails.

Brand:  Pure Ice
Name: Flirt Alert
pigment: a bright and delightful pink
Ohhh look at this hot pink! I was surfing again in my stash and came across this forgotten polish. I think I picked it up last year around Fall. This is a bright and creamy pink with a super glossy finish!
 Inspired by my Tokidoki calendar combo for February I decided to do a border manicure. I hit the middle with Sally Hansen Insta-dri Lightning to create this pink lemonade combo. I forgot how fun this look was, and got a few compliments on it!

Brand: Essence
Name: Let's Get Lost
coats: 2
pigment: a simple bright sky blue
 Am I the only one that has a hard time finding this polish? Every time I go into Ulta they're always sold out of a lot of the colors. Well I have been lucky enough to find some polishes. I think I picked this up last year when the new bottles just came out. This is such a beautiful and glossy blue. I'm glad they made the bottles and handles a little bit bigger, much easier to paint with.
 In a fun mood I decided to make a blue gradient from light to dark blue. I think this looks so beautiful, like the ocean or a summer sky. I was a bit impatient and didn't wait for the layers to dry so some of the lighter blue polish came off. Doesn't matter, it still came out really beautiful.
I hope you enjoyed today's update! 
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Saturday, February 2, 2013

365 polish for a year challenge: day 226-229

I know, I know the update is super late in the evening! But it's Friday, so please forgive me! I have some beautiful colors to share with you today, and some really super fun nail designs! So let's keep this short and sweet and move on!

Brand:  Simple Pleasure
Name: n/a
pigment: a light thin and cute blue
price:$2.99/7pc set
Here we start off with a beautiful color. Now with the flash, you can see how thin the polish is. But without the flash, it really isn't that thin looking. I found this polish at Bed Bath and Beyond in a 7pc set on clearance from $9.99 down to a happy $2.99!
 I took this beautiful color and added some gold hexagons on my ring finger and some gold sparkle polish to my other fingers. So cute and simple!

Brand:Sinful Colors
Name: Ardoise
pigment: a deep gray-blue
 This color is so confusing to me in the bottle. It looks gray in the bottle, but on the nail it looks like a deep teal. I was so happy to see it dried like looks and wanted to make this color pop!
 So I took some nail art tape and put some bright green polish over my ring finger to have a bright accent nail!
I also wanted to try a different color on my other hand so I hit right hand with a bright blue.

Brand:  L.A. Colors
Name: n/a
pigment: a simple black
price:$5.99/6pc set
 Here we have a simple and beautiful and super glossy black polish from L.A. Colors. Now this came in a Halloween set I got back in the fall. The sad thing is that the polish didn't come with any cute names :(
 I decided to take a fun and festive sparkle polish and put a coat over the black.
 I had bad lighting with the flash so I used natural light to show off the sparkles.
I took one more step and hit this mani with a matte coat!

Brand:  Orly
Name:  Shockwave
pigment: a deep cobalt blue
price:$4.99 (clearance)
 I picked this polish up on a killer sale! I was so happy to find a beautiful blue like this laying around (a hidden gem) in clearance. It's so beautiful and to me a perfect shade of blue. It went on so smoothly and dried beautifully smooth!
 My fiancee suggested adding yellow to this manicure, so I decided to so an ombre technique. I like how the polished created a really bright and beautiful green when it transitioned into the other color. This manicure is so tropical and was so cute to wear on this cold New England day!
I hope everyone had a good time with today's update! I know I've been having fun with a lot of new looks and techniques!   I'm off to bed now!!
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