Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a much needed nail haul

Sooo Sinful Colors are $.99 right now (at least in my area) and I have picked up a few bottles. I did see the Almost Famous display, and have yet to decide if I wanted to get the collection or not. Now I did hold off on getting Unicorn because I already have it. I also want to point out that they've added a hand full of new polishes to the basic collection, keep an eye out for them!

left to right:
Sugar N' Spice
Cotton Candy
Orange Cream
Green Ocean
Beau Khaki
Endless Blue
Sweet Nothing
Sugar Rush
Sweet Tooth
Candy Coated

just a short and simple nail haul update, very overdue if you ask me ;D


  1. Great haul! I'm still waiting for my Walgreens to get the new collections. :)

  2. It seems like the news of the collection comes out faster than the lines themselves!