Monday, April 30, 2012

Neon flash! Bright nailart that are easier than you think!

Now we all know that neon colors are in this season, and I've been dying to rock some! Well today I sat down with three colors, a top coat and sparkles and made some eye catching (super easy btw) nail art. I'm so excited to share with everyone!

Here are the colors I used for this look.  Sinful Colors "Savage" a fantastic teal that dries totally matte. So if you want color without a glossy shine, this is totally your polish

Here are my nails after a bottom coat and two coats of Savage. I was almost tempted to keep the matte teal, but I know I'd get bored with it so quickly. So I looked at the new nail art polishes I picked up (thanks to my honey) and wanted my nails to be a bit louder.

So I took the nail art brush, started off with a light coat of polish on it and did quick almost flickering strokes up near the top of the nail, making sure some go further down the nail itself. when my brush was almost dried I repeated, putting a full coverage coat at the top of the nail.

The two colors I used were "Me First" the neon yellow that turns almost green when put on in a thin layer.
The next is a deep almost raspberry looking purple called "Sour Grapes" Now this color dries much darker than it looks in the bottle. It also mixes really well with the blue underneath. 

 I finished up the nails by hitting it with some sparkles on the feathered strokes just to give it a little more glam. I used "105 Tinsel" by Confetti and then put Sally Hansen "Double Duty top/bottom coat" on. This look is so easy to do and is very unique. You don't need a super steady hand to create this look and you could try it with so many colors. I hope you enjoyed this post, I hope to bring you more soon

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Product reviews and Milani 3D hologram polish review!

Well I have collected a few new products over the past few weeks that I would love to share with you! All of them have to do with beauty, so let's get started!!

Let me start off with a fantastic new body moisturizer that I simply can't get enough of. I found it in my local Walgreens while shopping in the beauty area. It was a new product I've never seen in store before. They had a few more scents like coconut cream and strawberry milkshake, but I love raspberry & blackberry caught my eye. This scent is amazing, if you love the fresh smell of berries, then you're going to fall in love with this line like I have!
 The products are under $10.00 from what I saw, and they have hand moisturizer, body wash and even lip gloss! I've researched the company, they're in the UK and is in select drugstore and retail stores. They have a wonderful facebook page and a very helpful site of their own
If you see their products give them a try! 

So Walgreens had a sidekick display of the Neon Sinful Colors the other day with nine new stripping polishes including some new Neon colors. Well my honey gave me the money to get all nine of them! I'm so excited to bring them home, and I am totally loving the whole neon look this season! I got to pick these up with the $0.99 sale and picked them all up for $0.99 each!
 The polish names from left to right are: 
A Slice To Go
Anxious Azure
Me First
Sour Grapes
Orange Alert
Worn Before
Rose In Your Nose
Bad Chick
Morning Breath

Now I tried this product or something like it a long time ago. Now I didn't have much luck with it, but I wanted to give it one more go. Well, I figured it was my fault from my first use because I was holding the nail enamel dryer to close to my fingers. Well this time around I did 1-2 sprays on each nail and held the spray about 4 inches away from my nails (like it tells you!) Well I used it last week on crackle polish and in a few mins they were dry (I even did dishes!)  So if you do a lot of nail art like me, this will be your best friend!

Now, here is something I've been using for the past month. I'm totally in love with Garnier BB cream! I saw it in one of my magazines I get, and I even asked my CVS beauty adviser about it. She said she had yet to try it, but heard nothing but good things about it. 
Well, with a few coupons and it being on sale I got a bottle (container) of it for about $7.00. Now I've heard some people have broken out from the cream, so I was worried I would too.

So I opened it, and put some on my fingers to mix and put on. The cream has a great scent, like a lot of the Garnier products. It's rich and creamy, and if you didn't know it is a tinted moisturizer with mineral powder in it. It gives me great even coverage. I now use this instead of mixing moisturizer, concealer and cover-up. Now I just use the BB Cream and dot concealer on my problem spots, and then set it with powder.

 So if you want to give it a try I say go for it! I love this product, and you can find a lot of coupons or even seeing them item on sale. Have you tried it yet? If so, what do you think of it?

Finally one more nail polish review! Now I picked up the Milani 3D Hologram nail polish line a few weeks back when it was buy 1, get 1 half off. Last night I finally tried the polish out! I was in love with the swatches I saw online, and I am totally in love with them in person!

I did a mix of green and blue. They shimmer in the light, and have a really unique reflective glitter in them that make them look like there is a bit of holographic effect in them. The polish went on smoothly and wasn't bumpy like some glitter polishes.

I did three coats each, with a bottom and top coat. They seemed to dry fast and really didn't need the top coat for a shine, just added it for protection. I hope to pick up more holographic polishes soon in more colors by different polish companies.  
Have you tried any hologram polish? Any line suggestions? Leave a comment below! Thanks for reading, I hope to update more soon!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Favorite sites

This is just going to be a quick post of the sites I like to visit, get my news and sale info from.
Now I'm going to post my favorite nail/makeup sites

Captive Claws posts new photos almost every day with mainstream and indie nail makers. I love coming here every few days to see a new color review

Another nail polish reviewer. She likes posting nail polish reviews, nail art and some giveaways as well!

If you love vintage clothing, nail polish addiction and a love for all things lovely then this is your site! Posts reviews of nail polish, new clothing she's picked up, and anything that seems glamorous to her. Love this site, you should too!

Makeup and Nail polish reviews! Mid-range to higher end cosmetics. She also has a bunch of swatches for you to look at as well!

Now I found Iladybuggirl on youtube. She does hauls and reviews of makeup and nail polish. She takes wonderful photos! She reviews anything from low to mid-range priced products!

fellow nail blogger with adorable nail art and some other product reviews.

now to places I like to go for nail polish to buy/hear about sales.

I'm going to tell you my number one place to go is I can find anything I could possibly want at an amazing price. But there are other sites. Also, check out your favorite nail/lip/ hair product maker. Sign up for their mailing list. They send out new promo info, coupons and sales!

Cherry Culture has a TON of new products, and a lot of the times things are on sale. And I think if you spend over $40 your shipping is free. I know they have random sales, so i always check them out now and again. Sign up for their email list to get heads up and promo codes

$3.00-$4.00 for a bottle that costs $6.00 in stores?? I'll take it! Just found this site, and well its hard to hold off and not go on a shopping spree with these prices. They have an amazing inventory and I've heard their shipping is fast! Not sure if they have sales...but if they do I'll tell you guys!

and now my favorite site. She does reviews on a lot of drugstore products, polishes and various other beauty products. But my favorite thing is that she posts A TON of weekly beauty sales in one simple place. Her subscribers can also tell her about new promos or even items they found at a great price. I check this site out daily.

I hope you enjoyed this. What sites do you check out? Have one to share with me? I'd love to check em' out

also, my collection is growing, I'm going to need more storage soon!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Color Club Review: Covered in Diamonds

So if you are like me, you might fall in love with this new polish I got on ebay. It's by Color Club and it's called Covered in Diamonds. This was listed as being a "holographic" nail polish. Well it finally arrived today and I'm going to give a review.

The bottle is a simple square design with a black cap, and what I want to call a thin regular tipped brush. The bottles holds 0.5fl  and has the name label on the bottom. I liked this polish so much that without trying it I purchased two bottles. Now I never do this, but seeing the photos and reviews I knew I would fall in love with this funky nail accent.

front and back of bottles

Simple thin brush

Now from the photos I've seen, it comes out really well on darker shades so I decided to wear Wet n' Wild's Blue Moon. A deep metallic blue with a bit of a light blueish-green reflection in it. I put my base coat, and then three coats of the polish. I let it dry and then put on the Color Club glitter.

After 2nd coat of Blue Moon

Third coat of Blue Moon

Now when I applied this polish for the first time it made my shiny Blue Moon turn matte and semi dull. A quick top coat fixed that, but it was something I was not expecting. I put glitter on all of my nails and hit them all with a quick dry top coat. Well needless to say I am so happy with how this nail polish comes out.
 It creates a fantastic multicolored shine (almost like thin slices of mica all over your nails) One caution: you do have to make sure all of the flakes lay down on the nail because they tend to stick up if you're not paying attention to your brush strokes.

one coat of covered in diamonds with a top coat

showing off the glitter in the light

great color reflections

first polish Color Club polish I've tried!

Final review: if you want to have a different type of glitter on your nails this is it. The texture and the colors are amazing! My suggestion is to see if your favorite brand makes something along this line, or even pick up the same polish. I found a great price on ebay and I can't wait to show this polish off tomorrow! This would work really well on dark tips or overall dark nails.  Hope you enjoyed the review, and I hope to bring you another one soon ^_^

Sinful Sale This Week!

Just a reminder, Sinful Colors at Walgreens is on sale this week for $0.99! I picked up a whopping 25 bottles! Also, I caught a new display for next months We N Wild sale items. Some of their nail polish, lipstick and lip glosses will be on sale for a simply affordable $0.99 (regular price is $1.99) This sale starts on April 29th and goes to May 26th!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Walgreens Sinful Colors haul!

Fusion Neon

Summer Peach

Cream Pink

Why Not

Big Daddy

Irish Green

Sweet Dreams

Blue By You

Let Me Go

Met's Meet

Strobe Light duo

All Shooked Up duo

Lightning Strikes duo

Show Stopper duo

Strike a Pose duo

left to right:  Fusion Neon, Cream Pink, Neon Melon,
Pink, Dream On, Summer Peach and Irish Green

left to right: Blue By You, Let's Meet, Why Not,
Big Daddy, Ruby Ruby, Sweet Dreams, and Let Me Go

So I work as a photo tech at Walgreens. Well, I went into work and dound out we got 25% off of our purchases today. I also found out that Sinful Colors goes to $0.99 on Sunday and they can honor the price today. Well needless to say I totally picked up a ton of polishes for $0.74 each.  Also, We had the Pure Ice Crackle left over from winter on clearance for the same price.
 I finally grabbed all the colors I wanted from the line, the kinda poopy news in that I promised my fiancee that I wouldn't buy any polish for a month after this haul. I'm fine with that because I have plenty of colors to review after these!!

from their new Neon dislay:
Neon Melon
Dream On
Irish Green
Fusion Neon
Summer Peach
Cream Pink

from their regular collection:
Let Me Go
Ruby Ruby
Why Not
Let's Meet
Big Daddy
Blue By You
Sweet Dreams

The photos are a bit off in the colors, I'm going to try to figure out the best way to take photos of the polishes.

Friday, April 20, 2012

My polish obsession

Well I'm starting this blog to help keep up with beauty and mostly my nail polish obsession. Let me give you a back story of when I stared painting my nails. It has to go back when I was about seven. My dad would take us down to Wal-Mart and buy each of us a few bottles of Love My Nails polish (.99 a bottle, he would do this every Thursday when he got paid)
 After we would come home and my sisters and myself would paint our nails or put on blush, our dad even let us paint his nails once in a while just for fun. I can tell you I was hooked from the get go! I kept painting my nails to get better at not messing up the polish. I've gotten so good with it that I have no problem painting either hand now. I still remember my sisters would ask me to paint their left hand for them because I could keep my hand steady.
 Now a days I paint my nails still, sticking with brands such as Wet N' Wild, , Sinful Colors,Sally Hansen, Spoiled, Confetti and Pure Ice. Now don't get me wrong, I do adore the higher end brands, but at the end of the day I have to budget beauty into a realistic income.
Not to mention I have been introduced to the wonderful world of couponing! Now I don't like spending more than $5.00 for a bottles of polish (I hope a lot of you are with me) So I do like sticking with brands that apply well and are a great price.
 So with this blog I hope to review, show photos and maybe even bring up a few says going on. I also hope to give reviews on makeup, products and nail tools. Also any questions, comments or suggestions are welcome!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Starting soon

I've been going over this in my mind for a while, and finally took the plunge into a nail blog. I hope to get this up and running soon