Wednesday, December 16, 2015

No snow on New England!

Can you believe it is almost Christmas and we have no snow in New England? 
Hey everyone, I have been missing my blogging (almost a full year now?)
But I'm back today to show off a holiday manicure I did this week to help make it feel like Christmas.

 Polishes used from left to right :
Milani Blue Zoom
Pueen Mermaid Green stamping polish
Orly Bling
Sinful Colors Gold Medal
China Glaze Golden Enchantment

I painted all my nails (except for ring finger) with Blue Zoom (fast drying) and painted my ring finger Gold Metal. I added two coats of Bling over the gold base.

I then stamped a snowflake design using plate MR-01 with the Pueen stamping polish. I then added a layer of Gold Enchantment to add a bit of glitter to my other nails. I then used CND top coat to finish this look off. It came out so bright and fun! I am absolutely loving this mani!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pure Ice Nail Polish Fall Colors!

It has been too long since I have done anything on here! Well, it's November and I think it's time to post my top 10 fall colors from Pure Ice nail polish!

I started off with the cool colors first, from left to right we have:
Kiss Me Here (as you can see, I use this color A LOT!)
Internationally Known
Teal Appeal
French Kiss
Party Hard

Next we have the warmer colors for the season, left to right we have:
All Vamped Out
En Vouge
Vintage Glam
Silver Star

One more photo of them all together, in a lovely fall line up. 
I hope everyone enjoyed this quick little write up, and I hope to be back soon ;D

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It has been too long!

Hello everyone! It simply has been too long! After healing from my surgery, I attended and graduated at the top of my class from nail school. I went in and took my state-board test, and I am happy to say that I am a licensed nail technician in the state of Massachusetts. I have been busy working in my new salon, learning so much about the nail industry! Now, just because I'm working doesn't mean I have stopped painting my own nails!
I have been lacking posting on here, but I have been keeping my pinterest. account up to date, and my instagram account updated daily (not all nails, fair warning!)
 I wanted to post some of the nail designs I have been making and posting on these sites, shall we?

 On this look I did a gradient yellow to green, and then stamped over it with black cracked design.

 for this look, I used neon colors as the base, and then stamped on a water marble like design.
I was playing neons again, and wanted to work on my freehand designs.

 On this look, I used two different blues and black to do more freehand designs.

I used a bright orange as a base on this look. Then I added blue tape triangles, and then put neon triangle nail studs inside the blue to make this look really pop!

For this look, I used pastel colors as the base. I then used tape to make the designs with black to add some color blocking. I also put glitter on the pastel colors before adding the black.

 Finally, my current nail look. Blue gradient back ground, with small glitters. Then stamped over it are mermaid fin aka fish scale design in gold!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I've been busy!

 Oh my, it has been a while since I have updated my blog. I have a good excuse (I swear!) So last year I kept getting sick. I ended up seeing a ENT (ears, nose and throat doctor) and found out I had about 5 marble sized nasal polyps blocking my nasal passages.
 Because of them, I had chronic sinus pressure, headaches, post nasal drip, laryngitis, and swollen glands. I ended up going in for surgery on December 31st, and had the beginning of January to recover.
 I also attended nail school mid-January into early February. In Massachusetts, you are required to take a 100 hr course, and be able to pass your state board exam. I finished at the top of my class, and as of March 2nd I am a state certified manicurist.
 I currently have two part time jobs, one in retail and one at a nail bar. So please excuse my absence for  I have been very busy. I can tell you I do a lot of quick uploads and photos on My istamgram page . Don't mind the other photos of dogs and food of course.
 Hopefully things will settle down and I will have more free time to update the blog more often.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Street Art (Street Chic) matte glitters

Good afternoon everyone! Hope your weekend has been fun and full of snow! Well, I know my has been. We got about 8 inches of snow down here in Boston from last nights storm. Well enough about snow, let me get onto nail polish! I was at my local CVS last week, and discovered some new matte glitter polishes by Maybelline. They had five colors including a deep blue, light blue, red, green and a light pink. I picked up four of the five polishes (I'm not that big into pink)
 Now this line seems to be a new addition of the polka dot collections that came out a while back (clearly spotted is one of my favorite polishes!) I did some quick swatches over Sally Hansen Wet Cement, to have all the colors over a neutral color.
The polish spread very well, and had a good mix of big and small glitter bits, some bar glitters and a good mix of black glitters mixed in with each color. They also dried very quickly and smoothly as well. I don't know if this is limited edition or not, but I hope there are permanent colors. I've been enjoying the new trend of matte glitter top coats! 
 Ok, now onto the photos of the bottles and swatches.

 Ohhh just look at those colors. I am in love with these matte glitters!
names left to right:
Nighttime Noise
Green Graffiti
Wild At Heart
Blue Beats

 Blue Beats over Wet Cement

 Wild At Heart over Wet Cement

 Green Graffiti over Wet Cement

 Nighttime Noise over Wet Cement

The full photo of the swatches side by side. I really like all of these colors. I suggest picking these up if you stumble into them. Beautiful bright colors, great even coverage and unique mix of matte glitters.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Fun winter nail snowflake stamping design

Hello everyone! I've been playing around with some of my stamping plates to try and get a fun and festive look going for this winter and holiday season. I'd like to share my latest design with you.

First I started off with one of my favorite greens out there. Loreal's Hyde Park is a beautiful warm green that tends to dry a little darker than the color in the bottle. I used three coats and a top coat to start this look off.

 I used Bundle Monster plate BM-H02 with the snowflake design. This is Bundle Monster's holiday plate set. It comes with a bunch of wonderful designs for every holiday and celebrations.

  After letting my nails dry, I applied Pure Ice Silver Star to my nail plates and stamped with wonderful design. I love how well the silver shows up on this color, and also looks like shiny snowflakes as well. I think this combination works very well together.
Thanks for stopping by! See you next post!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Finally back! With my first giveaway!

Oh my, it has been a few months since I have updated my blog. I decided I deserved some time off after doing a year of nail polish updates! Well I am finally married (wooo) and enjoying married life. I have still been doing my nails, and mostly posting them on Instagram brie1284 is my profile if you didn't know.
 Well, big new! My nail design recently was selected and published in Glam Nail Studio book that came out this month. Soooo to celebrate, I have decided to do my first giveaway. Now I am going to run this on Instagram, and will pick the winner using to keep it fair. Also this giveaway is for US residents only!

So what to do:
Follow me on Instagram brie1284
post this photo with hashtag #brie1284giveaway
and tag me in the photo @brie1284
This contest will go on for one week, and the winner will be chosen next Tuesday!
 Now to tell you what is in this giveaway!

14 different styles on nail foils with two bottles of nail glue
loose glitter from Wet n' Wild Fantasy Maker
The entire collection of Wet n' Wild Pop Art Craze polish
The entire collection of Milani's Textured Nail polish
7 Kiss Nail Dress sets (some repeats)
Sally Hansen Salon Insat Gel Starter Kit

I will announce the winner next week on Instagram. It will be the winner's responsibility to contact me via my website. If the winner does not reply within 24hrs, a new winner will be chosen.