Monday, April 23, 2012

Color Club Review: Covered in Diamonds

So if you are like me, you might fall in love with this new polish I got on ebay. It's by Color Club and it's called Covered in Diamonds. This was listed as being a "holographic" nail polish. Well it finally arrived today and I'm going to give a review.

The bottle is a simple square design with a black cap, and what I want to call a thin regular tipped brush. The bottles holds 0.5fl  and has the name label on the bottom. I liked this polish so much that without trying it I purchased two bottles. Now I never do this, but seeing the photos and reviews I knew I would fall in love with this funky nail accent.

front and back of bottles

Simple thin brush

Now from the photos I've seen, it comes out really well on darker shades so I decided to wear Wet n' Wild's Blue Moon. A deep metallic blue with a bit of a light blueish-green reflection in it. I put my base coat, and then three coats of the polish. I let it dry and then put on the Color Club glitter.

After 2nd coat of Blue Moon

Third coat of Blue Moon

Now when I applied this polish for the first time it made my shiny Blue Moon turn matte and semi dull. A quick top coat fixed that, but it was something I was not expecting. I put glitter on all of my nails and hit them all with a quick dry top coat. Well needless to say I am so happy with how this nail polish comes out.
 It creates a fantastic multicolored shine (almost like thin slices of mica all over your nails) One caution: you do have to make sure all of the flakes lay down on the nail because they tend to stick up if you're not paying attention to your brush strokes.

one coat of covered in diamonds with a top coat

showing off the glitter in the light

great color reflections

first polish Color Club polish I've tried!

Final review: if you want to have a different type of glitter on your nails this is it. The texture and the colors are amazing! My suggestion is to see if your favorite brand makes something along this line, or even pick up the same polish. I found a great price on ebay and I can't wait to show this polish off tomorrow! This would work really well on dark tips or overall dark nails.  Hope you enjoyed the review, and I hope to bring you another one soon ^_^


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    1. Thank you my dear. I guess there are a few other polishes out there like this...but the price was right for my wallet and it came out awesome!