Monday, May 7, 2012

New nail treatment and E.L.F. makeup haul!

 I've been away from a few days and I come back with a few goodies! Well picked up a few new nail treatments from Hard Candy and Sally Hansen that I have yet to try, some that I picked up I use every time I paint my nails. I also found a few fantastic deal on one of my favorite body sprays!

I hit up my local Rite Aid where I found a good deal on a new nail treatment, and a clear coat I like using. I also found a total steal with a top/bottom coat with the Sally Hansen HD polish bonus bundle for an amazing $2.07! Now this is my first time picking up a new nail hardening product. It says it releases vitamins for up to ten days, I'll give a review on it next week. It helps cracking/peeling nails (mine tend to do so because I use hand sanitizer at work)
 While shopping yesterday I found Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love at Wal-Mart yesterday. I've seen a lot of other nail polish companies making a matte top coat, but the price was so reasonable I had to pick it up!

From left to right:  Double Duty top/bottom coat, Spectrum, Continuous Hardening Treatment, Matte-ly In Love, Dries Instantly, Hard As Nails and Extreme Wear clear coat.

While I was in Rite Aid I checked out their clearance endcap (most of the stores have them hidden on one of their back endcaps) and stumbled upon one of my favorite body sprays on clearance in a gift box on clearance for an awesome $7.99 (original price was $15.00) I picked up the last two boxes of Morning Glory. I found this spray a few years back, one of my friends wore it and fell in love with it. Its a baby powder like soft scent that lasts all day without being over-powering. I'm very picky about my body sprays/perfumes and this one one of my top three that I love wearing.

After Rite Aid I went to Target, where I found them carrying an amazing line of  E.L.F. products. Now I picked up some  E.L.F. products at K-Mart a month ago. I picked up some liquid eyeliner and clear mascara. I've enjoyed those products, so I wanted to try more of the extremely reasonably priced makeup, and this is what I picked up for $15

I was happy and shocked to see makeup setting spray for only $3.00!  The bottle is 2.02 fl oz. and contains aloe, green tea and cucumber. I've never used a makeup setting spray before (mainly because the prices are a bit high for my wallet) so I am very excited to try this one out!

Next I picked up a duo contouring blush and bronzer in one. This was also only $3.00, it does not come with any brushes (none of them do, I think that is how they keep it low cost) but I have brushes of my own. I was so happy to see a duo like this, I never have tried to contour and now I have two pressed powders to try.

My next finding is something I've been meaning to pick up since I ran out of my liquid palette (nobody's perfect from Hard Candy) but this time around I decided to pick up a powder based correct palette. The Now I've only used the green, yellow and pink and have yet to see blue before. I plan on using this this my concealer to help mask any imperfections I might have. 

This was a last minute "oh what the hell" kind of choice for the brown gel and powder. To fill in my brows I use a pencil only. This one does come with a duo-ended wand with a slanted brush and straight edged brush. I've never used an eyebrow gel or powder so this will be a new application I'll have to try out.

Last but not least is the translucent matifying powder. I pick this up to carry with me. After about four hours or so after applying my makeup, my t-zone becomes very shiny (I know this happens with a lot of skin types) so I need something to combat the shine, so I pick this up with a little application sponge.

I hope you enjoyed my haul and I can't wait to try out the E.L.F. products soon! I was so amazed to see all their products under $10! Has anyone tried any of the E.L.F. line yet? What did you think of it? Anything you suggest I try next? 

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