Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Finally a fantastic nail polish haul!

So my long month of no polish is finally over! I caved a few days early, and because I did this I owe my fiancee three mornings of pancakes...meh I'll live.
 Well I hit up CVS and Walgreens for some clearance and sales! I already posted about the Sally Hansen insta-dri I picked up. I also found a few bottles at a local Walgreens for $2.99, with my discount and a $1.00 off coupon, came out to a reasonable price for a usually expensive line. I'm so glad I was lucky enough to find such a great deal on all of the insta-dri line because it costs so much at full retail. Here are some photos of my newly added polishes to my growing collection.

reds and pinks
left to right
rapid red
racey rouge
magenta moves
pumped up pink

orange, yellow and green
left to right
snappy sorbet
orange impulse
lickety-split green

teal to blue
left to right
mint spirit
brisk blue
blue by!
co-bolt blue

purples, beige, and silvers
left to right
orchid express
lively lilac
in a flash
beige blast
silver sweep
gone grey

At Walgreens I picked up the normally $1.99 Megalast line for a very reasonable $0.99 a bottles plus my discount. Now I am in love with the colors of this line when they first revealed this line, and I'm so excited to finally have them! 

from left to right
I red a good book
through the grapevine
sugar coat
break the ice
wet cement
I need a refresh-mint
on a trip

We recently received a new Sinful Colors display with four colors that I have not seen in their normal line. I scooped them up as soon as they hit the floor! I am totally in love with this whole pastel colors trend right now, and these are four pastels that caught my eye right away!

Sinful Colors pastels
left to right
open seas
star fish

and finally I picked up all but one of the fastdry Wet N' Wild line. The colors in this line are so bright and playful! Great for the spring and summer seasons and mixes well with all the current nail color trends making big news in fashion magazines.

left to right
everybody loves redmond
the wonder yellows
how I met your magenta
hannah pinktana

left to right
sagreena the teenage witch
sage in the city
teal or no teal
blue whats to me a millionaire
saved by the blue 

left to right
gray's anatomy
buffy the violet slayer
the gold & the beautiful
ebony hates chris

I've used a few colors from this line, and I have to say the names of the colors are very lame (yeah) but the colors I have tried came out wonderful and are so eye catching. Can't wait to throw some on again!

and five more clearance items I bought. Three new nail art polish and two crackle colors I didn't have.

left to right
me first
time off
all shook up
hot couture 

I think I have enough polish for a while, or at least until I see a new color I can't live without. I hope everyone enjoyed my haul. Have you picked up any new polish you are totally in love with? Any current trends you can't get enough of? Thanks for reading!

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