Friday, May 18, 2012

Formula 10.0.6 product reviews

Well working in Walgreens has some perks. The discount is one of them, and another is being around products I would have walked by and never even give a second glance to. Well I've been covering in cosmetics and I had to pick up two out of three products that we carry from a brand named after the formula a chemist made. Yeah, this whole line is apparently made by a chemist back in 1933! 

The first thing I picked up was the "Best Face Forward" cleanser. Now it has grapefruit and green tea in it, and I have a face mask that has grapefruit in it and it helped clear me up when I had a very bad breakout. So you peel a little foil cover off, and squeeze. Now the cleanser is clear and smells just like sweet tarts. I was so shocked to smell this, that I kept massaging it for a little bit longer just to keep the scent around. It's gentle, and didn't dry my skin out. Oh, also both items were $6.99 each, I find that to be a reasonable price.

Now, I have a very bad Tzone shine problem year round, and summer is right around the corner. So I got "Seriously Shine Free" it's a matte finish moisturizer that has aloe and bamboo extract in it. Now I've used the Clean and Clear matte face wash with rice extract in it. With these products, the extracts help absorb excess oil that you may produce during the day. Now the Clean and Clear one really didn't work that well, I still ended up being shiny.
I used the Formula moisturizer last night and this morning, went to work, came home, played mini golf and I have little to no shine on my Tzone...I am beyond amazed. I plan on buying more products from this company, they have a hand full of products out and my store only carries four of them. Has anyone else tried these products? If so, how well did they work for you? I might update this later to add some more products I have picked up...oh and I have four more days to go...then I can buy polish again. Yes, this has been torture.   

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