Thursday, June 21, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 2

Day 2 already! My fiancee suggested a metallic purple. I found a color that is a mix between purple,gold and pink. I've never worn it, so I chose it as today's color!

brand: L.A. Colors
name: Enchantment NP350
coats: 4
pigment:light and thin, took 4 coats but has beautiful reflective shine
price: under$2.00

 this polish reflects different colors at different lights and angels. It's a hybrid color to me!

 This is the bottle, I think I picked it up a few years ago while in Vermont and discovered L.A. Colors nail polish

 The polish is thin, but dries quickly

 Added a heart rhinestone to the ring finger for a little bit of texture

 what I used from left to right:
Sally Hansen 01 Clearly Quick top coat
L.A. Colors Enchantment NP350
heart rhinestones (purchased on ebay)

 this is my rhinestone wheel with 12 different colors of heart rhinestones. I have more colors and shapes that I hope to use with the upcoming weeks.

Over all, this is a borderline deep color. I would wear this on a date out or as nice evening event. I don't like wearing polishes that take more than 3 coats, but that is part of the challenge. Overall, I'd wear the color again if I worn an outfit that would do the color justice.

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