Thursday, June 28, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 9

Morning everyone! Welcome to day 9 of the challenge! Now sometimes I can't decide what color to wear, so I ask my fiancee time to time. He suggested red as the color for today's challenge, so here it is!
Brand: Wet N' Wild
Name: 221c Everybody Loves Redmond
coats: 2
pigment: medium thickness with a great red pigment
price: under$2.00
Now like I've said before I am a green lovin' kind of girl. So I'm not a real big fan of reds and pinks on nails because there are so many other colors to rock on the nail, why stay in the color safe zone for nails?
I must admit I was shocked how little coats it took, I figured it would take 3. But the pigments in the polish are amazing and cover very well.
 This red isn't a deep red, almost close to a red-orange

 Here is the bottle, part of the Fast Dry collection

 Finished mani using tape and Wet N' Wild 229c Ebony Hates Chris. Such a playful design!

 The Colors I used from left to right:
Wet N' Wild 229c Ebony Hates Chris
Wet N' Wild 221c Everybody Loves Redmond 
NYC quick dry top coat
I hope you enjoyed today's mani! I am having such fun playing with my crafting scissors and new nail designs! Don't forget to LIKE me on facebook  and follow me on twitter. See everyone tomorrow!


  1. i have never use it like this before, it is amazing

  2. I got a set of scrapbooking scissors and use tape to make designs with them!