Saturday, June 23, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 4

brand: Spoiled By Wet N' Wild
name: S043 Toad-ally Amazing
pigment: medium thickness, creamy with small reflective sparkles
price: under $2.00

Good evening everyone! I have been so busy today with work, thunderstorms, and running around town picking up much needed items. So now a bit after 10pm EST I am finally posting my polish of the day. Picked this color because I've tired the Spoiled line only once before and needed a refresher of why I got so many colors by them. I remembered I hated the brush, but this time around I enjoyed it. It could have just been the brush on the color I was using at the time. They offer the wider brush on this line, and makes it easy to achieve a  cleaner edge near the cuticle.

 Here we have this fantastic creamy pastel teal. I remember when this line came out when I still worked at CVS, I was so excited to get my discount on top of the ever so reasonable $1.99 asking price. The line came out with 72 shades, I think I picked up around 20 or so.

 This color is not so new, but the sticker still thinks it is! Now this line is exclusive to CVS only and is put out by Wet N' Wild

 Forgot to show my base coat and nail treatment I've been using lately
from left to right:
NK Smoother Nail
NK Nail Enamel
Spoiled Toad-ally Amazing

Now to show what I picked up on my trip out. My fiancee was nice enough to bring me to the craft store to pick up some scrap booking scissors. We went there to find the price more reasonable than and their prices, plus I had a 40% off coupon! I picked up this set, I hope to do wonderful things with the designs!
 I got a set of 12 different scissors and different designs. I got the idea from another nail blog (she no longer updates) saying that she does a lot of her designs with crafting scissors and Scotch tape.
this is a link, her collection blows mine out of the water, and her designs are beautiful!
 Glad the scissors come in fun crayon like colors, so playful!
Also picked up "removable" Scotch tape, don't know if it will make a difference from regular Scotch tape, we'll see! I hope everyone enjoyed day 4, here is the finished mani

 Used the jigsaw scissors and used Sally Hansen 460 Snappy Sorbet to go with the teal
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. new follower here but i am loving your creativity - i have only seen the use of crafting scissors once before on a mani and i must say it's a BRILLIANT idea - I used to scrapbook a lot and have a handful of crafting scissors, so hope to utilize them in a mani of mine in the future. thanks for your blog, i am really enjoying it so far!

  2. I picked that set up and have loved every pattern I have used. I do suggest finding that type of scotch tape it works so well without having to de-stick it! I've only been able to find it at a craft store. I'm also very happy to hear that you are enjoying the blog! I hope to see some of your tape manis too!