Thursday, June 14, 2012

A new month, and a new polish haul

 Hello everyone! Posting last because I work nights! Well I have finally picked up some of the bottles from Sally Hansen Hard as Nails collection. I remember using these polishes as a kid, and I am so excited to have six bottles of beautiful colors added to my polish collection! I also picked up a few bottles of Sinful Colors and my first purchase since I was a kid of a Revlon polish!

Now I had to take this photo without flash because it made the bottles look the same, but in real like you can see one is darker!  On the left  I have Mint Apple, this is part of the regular SC collection. My store has been out and we got two bottles in today so I had to grab it. On the right is Rise and Shine, and nice darker teal with very small shimmer glitter in it. I can't wait to rock these colors!

 Next is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails. Now they run for $2.49 at my work. Well I have $1.00 coupons, plus my discount. I made out like a bandit on all of these bottles. I've been holding off buying them, but today they kept calling at me and I totally caved.
 The top photo is without flash to show that I didn't pick up the same blue twice. One is a nice bright sky blue, and the other is a deeper blue.
colors from left to right:
firm fig
heart of stone
teal steel
sturdy sapphire

I know other stores offer more colors (we carry about 15 or so) and I hope to pick up more colors from the line. As everyone already knows I am a huge SH fan ever since I could remember and seeing a polish line return from my childhood is just heart warming to me.

  Last polish is a Revlon. Now I don't like spending a ton of money on a bottle of polish, and this one was $4.00 and some change, I got my discount plus a coupon so it wasn't that bad a price (original price was $7.99) This color caught my eye because it looked like a true flat cobalt/royal blue. I think I might use this polish tomorrow for my Mets design I will be rocking again for the baseball game. The color is called Royal and is part of the top speed collection.

 and two final photos to show off my current nail art. I saw the tutorial on youtube (I think by cute polish) for cupcake nails. A few coworkers saw my photos and said they loved to look, so I redid the nailart and got a ton of compliments not only from coworkers but from customers.
 I can tell you my stripes on my left hand are thinner thank the right. Also I messed up on my right hand and ended up putting the cupcake on the pinky, but it still looks adorable! I am going to be out of the state this weekend, so I might not be updating. Who knows, maybe I'll find new polishes in NY! Has anyone tried cupcake nailart? I'd love to see it ^_^

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