Saturday, August 18, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 60

Wow, look at this. We made it to the two month mark already!! 60 day filled with a different colored nail polish. I'm shocked I've been able to keep it up and kinda happy too. I want to thank everyone that has followed me on this journey so far. People who have commented, liked, followed and emailed me. You guys keep me going, you are my inspiration! Now onto today's mani. A color I found very hard to capture in a photo. In person it comes out a rich and super shimmery chocolate gold. On camera it captures the sparkle...but not the true color. 
I almost skipped this polish, but it was something unique that I had to grab. In different lighting it looks brown, and in other it looks purple. 
Brand: Funky Fingers
Name: Power Chord
coats: 3
pigment: a glittery mix of gold, brown and purple tones.
price: $1.00 (clearance?)
 It looks like a purpleish tone, and that's what it looks like in different lighting. Then in low lighting it looks chocolate brown. Either way it looks beautiful! Not a gritty glitter polish,dried smooth and clean
 I've been so happy with the new Funk Finger colors that I picked up! Only downside about this polish is that it is a bit on the thin side and I needed to go back and touch up random places on the nail, but I'm ok with doing that.
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