Saturday, August 18, 2012

nail trends, on a REAL budget (caviar and velvet manicures)

Well, this is a first post for me. I hope a lot of you keep up with current nail trends out there in the world today, because I sure do. Well I have two different crafty and cheaper ways to create current trends on a real budget. Now if you can afford to buy $25 nail kits, then more power to you. But for a bride to be, money is tight trying to save up for a wedding. So I did what any crafty person would do, hit up a craft store in search of an alternative way to create a new nail trend. Now both sets are put out by the same nail polish company and is sold at Sephora. 
Ciate has gotten major press for these unique nail trends, and have a whole kit put together for you. Well I found a way to buy more colors for less money...and this is how.

 caviar manicure
Well here is a trend that has been out for a month or so, caviar nails. You can hit all, one or half of the nail with this nail trend. Tiny adorable beads that create a unique look and texture. Asking price for the kit: $25.00.
Nail trend alternative:
I didn't know what they were called until I found a whole (sold out) set of micro beads. Tiny beads that don't have holes in them, small and way affordable in multi-colored packs.
Now like I said the set was sold out in stores, but a quick trip to and well for a delightful $13.99 (plus shipping) you can get a set of 12 different colored micro breads from the Martha Stewart Craft Set. I have yet to purchase them, but check out the amazon site and you will see happy shoppers that already knew about this trendy and affordable alternative.
 Now onto the velvet manicure. Another unique trend in nail texture that adds a layer of velvet/felt fabric to as many nails as you wish. Kit asking price is $19.00.

In seeing this trend I had a light go off in my mind "I've seen this in a craft store" and sure enough I did. The fabric/glitter is called flocking. Designed and most of the times located in the scrapbooking section to add texture to things to give them a fuzzy feel. Now Martha Stewart has a set but it was a bit more than the microbeads, so I found another very well priced set.
nail trend alternative:
Hello  Doodlebug Crushed Flock assorted 12pc set.  That's right 12 colors to choose from, and asking price is a very pleasant $9.83 (plus shipping) To get the same look use a like color polish, add a matte coat them apply to flocking to the nail for a Ciate like polish look.

I hope everyone will look up these amazing and wallet saving alternative crafts for manicures. Also like I said I hit up the craft store today and picked up a few supplies for myself. I grabbed them because I want to add more creativity to some of my nail art.

 I picked this bottle of glitter up at A.C. Moore. Now this was the only color they had with big blue circle glitters. Everything else was stars, hearts of grainy glitters. This one spoke to me, I have plans for it!

Next I grabbed two sets on clearance at Micheal's Crafts. It was on a random endcap near the scrapbooking section. Now this was the first time I went to this location, so I was a little sad in the lack of items they had. I got two sets of four different textured glitters including the flocking powder I was seeking. It also came with coarse, strip and little flower glitter shapes. They only had purple and pink left, but for $1.99 each I could deal. I was just happy to find some still in the store. They did have the Martha Stewart flocking set, but it was $18.00 and was a bit out of my budget so I passed on that set.

 And this set I bought some time ago on a trip and have yet to use it. I know Sally Hansen has a great strip glitter polish out and I just love using it. I got this set on clearance plus a coupon so I think it came to about $8.00 or so. I'm trying to be crafty, and creative with my daily manis, and seeing all these new trends inspire me to try different textures and designs. I hope you enjoyed my post, feel free to post any unique alternatives to some of your favorite trends.

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