Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quick Icing Haul

So I've been searching for Icing nail polish for some time. I finally found a decent size store near with me with a good selection of polish. I was kinda bummed to see the $4.50 price tag (since I've never tried them) But I was happy to see the $2.50 clearance section with a good amount of polish in it!
They had a sale going on today, buy 5 for $10 so I took advantage of the deal to grab a new line I've been wanting to try! Now there were a ton of crackle and glitter polishes, but I (for the most part) stuck with colors and gave into 1 glitter polish.

I was so happy to find a mixed variety of  colors in the clearance section. I was kinda happy that it was located behind a big ceiling beam out of view. I looked around, two small glass shelves of clearance polish down to $2.50 each. They had a ton of crackle glitter, regular glitter, neons and plain polishes to choose from. The cashier was nice enough to tell me about the sale so I got 5 bottles instead of 4.

Here are my polishes! A good haul if I do say so myself!
From left to right:
Bronze Me Baby
Pretty As A Peakcock
All That Glitters Is Green
Witches Brew

I can't wait to try these polishes out and see if I like them! I hope I do, they have a good variety of  colors and the bottles look like China Glaze's polishes. Well I hope you enjoyed this small haul!

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