Tuesday, August 21, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 63

 Why am I always in a "gotta wear green" mood? I know why, because it's my favorite color. I can't help it, I favor green and at times blue. I can't help it if I have a ton of lovely green shades to share, I need to span them out or I'll run out fast! Ok, onto this lovely shade. A bright vibrant green that treads the line of a teal in the bottle, but when it dries it comes out to a lovely mid green shade. And to make this mani awesome, I added more green lol. I wanted to do a border nail because I haven't rocked it in a while.
Brand: Revlon
Name: Posh
pigment: a smooth mid green on the nail, almost teal in bottle
price: $2.00 (with sale and coupon)

So I just messed up. I erased my photos from last night (yes I paint them at night after work and what not) so I had to take photos for today. And of course I was trying my new nail polishes on my nails...so I only took photos of my index and pinky. Of course I thought I transferred them to my computer...ugh for polish screw up, go me  -.-

 This is my two polishes left after a full day of work. Polish of three of my fingers, and damaged mani on two lol.
 I did use a matte finish over this look. This is Posh by Revlon, a beautiful color and I think a recently new addition to their polish line.

And the inner color is a mini Revlon bottle I got in a 3 pack a while ago at Job Lots. This one is called garden and compliments Posh very well. I'm sorry again for deleting the firs set of photos! Glad I didn't take this polish off yet lol
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