Wednesday, August 15, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 57

 So i gave in, and I tried the shadow box look with blue this time. I got to user one of my favorite colors I have used in other manis but not worn as the main color yet. I'm shocked that I didn't pick this as one of my first colors because I have loved this color for about a year now. Pure Ice does cream colors so well, and this blue is at the top of my list. It went on in two coats, full coverage and a high gloss finish. Shall we?
Brand: Pure Ice
Name: French Kiss
pigment: a delightful cobolt blue with bright pigment
price: $1.99
 This has got to be in my top 5 if not top 3 nail polish colors. It is a gorgeous deep blue with a lovely high gloss finish
 Pure Ice has other creamy colors, but this one takes top spot. Pick it up, you can't argue with the coverage and the price is more than reasonable

 Next I hit it with a quick dry blue from Sally Hansen. I almost stopped and did box nails, but I wanted it to have different shades of blue

 I used Brisk Blue from Sally Hansen's Insta-dri collection. I was kinda easy to do this design with the thicker brush in this line. One coat did the trick!
 Now to bring it one step lighter in the journey of the blues! I used a polish from NK to complete the look
 The color is called Light Blue (not very creative on the name I know) Again this part was easy because this line has a small brush. Overall I am totally in love with this easy 1-2-3 step polish design. It works with any color from light to dark and is eye catching because of the multi- colors built up on top of each other. I hope you enjoyed this mani, and give it a try too!
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