Sunday, August 12, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 54

so today I tried something new, Sally Hansen Salon effects. Now I got these in a free sample with a coupon on it. I've had these for some time and well I guess it's time I tried them out.
Brand: Sally Hansen
Name: Groove (green) Violent Night (purple)
coats: 0
pigment: neon green and purple
price: free!
Here are the packages, I only had green left to take a photo of. I forgot to take one of the purple ones. They came with 10 strips in them and nothing else. I have my own files and orange sticks

 Here are the finished nails. Its felt odd using these, like putting odd tape onto my nails.  A lot of them when over or didn't really fit down near the cuticle.

 As you can see some of the sides didn't get fully covered. I also got some air bubbles under them, and I tried pulling them off and starting over but they tore.

 I filed them down and it left rough edges, I kept push them down to make sure they would stick.

 Here are a few of the leftover tabs, way to big for any of my nails. I must admit it was easy to cut it down around the cuticle with an orange stick or even another nail.

 My finally thought, they're cute and super easy. Are they worth $10 a pack? No, I really wouldn't pay over $1.00 for these to be honest. Air bubbles, they have already started to fade at the tips and you have to fight to get clean edges near the cuticles. I have a few more samples, so I might give it one more try. I do like that they do come in different designs, but again the price is just unreasonable. 
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