Wednesday, August 8, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 50

Wow! Already on day 50!! Almost two full months of nonstop polish fun! Thank you to all that have left comments and suggestions on nail designs and polishes, I hope to keep up  on this challenge!
 Brand: Loreal
Name: Hyde Park
pigment: abeautiful deep green with a lovely bright pigment
 This green is so beautiful, I think I say that about every green I put on.
 Part of the limited edition London Fall collection. Bright and eye catching, great color for the fall
 To add a little bit of texture I added some dots going up the nail with a dotting tool
 On the nail it looks gold, but it really is a metallic shimmer green from Revlon called Punk. These colors worked very well together, and played tricks on a few people with the color.
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  1. i don't normally like greens but this is a great color. Oh, and I love that you include the brand, color, how many coats you did, price and pigment description in your posts :D

  2. I like to put the info that I would want to know. If I got it on sale, clearance or regular price. And this is my definition of perfect shade of green, bold and gorgeous!