Tuesday, August 7, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 49

 I was feeling the sunshine today so I went with a metallic sunshine yellow! Now this is my 2nd time using  a color from WNW's Fastdry line and may I say this is a beautiful yellow. I did put a white basecoat to make this color stand out and not have to put 15 coats on! Shall we?
 Brand: Wet N' Wild
Name: The Wonder Yellows
pigment: a metallic sunshine yellow with thin application
 One of my least favorite colors, but this one works! Reminds me of a yellow lollypop!
 You can see some of the white base leaking on the edges, but it gives the yellow such a brighter pigment without using a ton of coats!
  I just added some round gems going up the nail diagonally and switch colors every finger. I wanted to something with black but it would look like a bumblebee and I just didn't want to rock a bee look with this lovely yellow.
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  1. I have this color and I think it's awesome! i've never used it all by itself, but as the base for a gradient. I love the way it shimmers :) I like what you did with the rhinestones :)

  2. Thank you! I bought a bunch of rhinestones off ebay a while back. I feel like I've been ignoring them lately, so I've been trying to use them more!