Tuesday, August 28, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 70

70 already! Damn, this is flying by! Today I woke up to cloudy skies and rain so I was feeling a deep and a bit more serious color. I went for an olive green polish that I picked up at Icing, I was feeling this color today. this color has a nice gold shimmer to it that reflects in brighter lighting. Over all I was super pleased with the color and texture of the polish, this was my first time using Icing polish.

Brand: Icing
Name: All That Glitters Is Green
pigment: a deep olive green with a gold shimmer
price:$ $2.25 (clearance)

 A beautiful deep green with a gold shimmer, two beautiful color combinations! This was a medium thickness polish with great pigment and full coverage, only took two coats!
 First time using Icing polish and I am not disappointed at all! I think the original price tag of $4.50 is a bit high, but then again forever evolving fashion means in with the new shades, and clearance the old.

 I was a little hesitant to add anything else, maybe a gold stripes or gold glitter. But I ended up using Fergie's Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night. Adding black and gold glitters.

 Over all I'm very happy with the look! I love the mix of different sized glitters, such a change from one texture glitter.
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