Wednesday, August 1, 2012

quick crackle post

 I posted photos on my facebook page but wanted to update here on a crackle line that I am in love with! Now please excuse some of the photos and the quality, they were taken on my phone when I was out of state. But I have found my go to crackle line. It was Sally Hansen until I had some bad results with the polish being to sheer and the metallic not crackling. Now I have come to a conclusion that glitter/metallic crackles just don't work. But I have found that Pure Ice regular crackles work the best! I have nothing but great results with it!

This is a great result! I hit it with a matte coat but look at the crackle effect! I picked this up at my local Walgreens a while back in this haul back in April. It was clearance in a double pack and to my surprise it has worked the best for me.

This is the same polish over green without a matte coat. As you can see still comes out in a great crackling effect for under $2.00???

Don't mind the blurry photo or the sloppy application. This is the red crackle over purple (reminds me of a sentinel from X-men comics) Great results, and I hit this one again with a matte finish as well. I hope you enjoyed this quick update, and maybe share you good/bad experience with any nail polishes out there.
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