Friday, August 10, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 52

Forgive the kinda sloppy application, I am out of nail polish remover!!! I know, I was going to pick some up today but totally forgot!  Ugh, so mad at myself. I did have enough to remove my last polish, and here I am to show off a new possible trend, shadow nails. Now the way the magazine said to do it was "apply black, then fill in sides with gray and white" now to me, that seemed like a lot of work for a steady hand, let me make this simple. I took a photo of the mani trends out of Glamour magazine,so forgive my 5mp phone camera. Oh and if anyone was wondering what camera I use, it's a Canon Rebel T1i with the 18-55mm lens on it (camera nerd) so onto this sick new look!
Brand:Sally Hansen
Name: Whirlwind White
pigment: asimple whiteout medium thickness polish
price:$1.00 on clearance

So, here is the magazine page. I tried looking at their site but there was nothing about this look,glad I snapped this photo.
 Simple enough, I started with my polish of the day. White, clean plain and simple. Now with white it does seem like a very boring color. But once to add color to it, magic happens.
 I got this quick dry bottle for a happy $1.00 when I went to Vermont. I love my fast drying polishes, in fact all of the polishes I used are! I love this line, can't go wrong with a bright and clean pigment.
 Now onto building the shadow. Instead of little fill-in lines for the gray and black I will just build up the white. I hit it with a coat of gray, not fully covering the white like the border mani but down to the cuticle.
 I found this to be super easy. I used NYC Sidewalks to fill in the gray part.
 Then finally hit it with a thinner black line.  I had this done in less than 10mins because it was all fast drying polish and it was so damn easy!!
 I used Ebony Hates Chris by Wet N' Wild. This polish went on so smooth and dried super glossy!! I was almost tempted to but one line of glitter in the middle but held off. The finish look was sharp and beautiful! I want to try this with other colors with different shades of them! I hope everyone enjoyed today's mani because I sure did! Also, latest nail trends you are loving/hating? I still love neons and blue is super hot right now. I'm not a fan of the felt mani look and the pointed nails remind of a witch!
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