Thursday, August 2, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 44

 Now I picked up an Orly manicure kit on clearance a while back and finally busted it out to try this polish line out for the first time. The original price was $15.00 but I found this little kit on clearance for $7.99 plus I had a 20% off coupon, how could I resist?
Name: Cosmic FX manicure kit (black is liquid vinyl, shimmer is space cadet)
coats: 2
pigment:a true black base coat with a multi shimmer effect overcoat
price: $7.99

 A nice cream black as a base color. No top coat need to have a wonderful shine!

 A high gloss black, went on smoothly using two coats
 I used the nail stickers to create a halfmoon effect with the top color. Space Cadet is a beautiful multi shimmer polish with shades ranging from brown, pink, green and gold!
 It's like having a rainbow in a bottle!

 i did hit it with a matte coat to finish the look (I know I've been doing that a lot recently) and had to take the flash off to show off the multi color effect of the polish. Overall I had a very good experience with this polish my first time around. My only complaint is the regular price of the polish, but I can always stick with clearance. One other side note was that the nail stickers were very sticky and I had to stick them to my table a few times to dull the adhesive before putting it on my nails.
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