Wednesday, August 1, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 43

If I had a close to perfect purple shade, this would be it. This is a bit on the gray side but it still a beautiful purple. Its not super bright, and not overly deep. I do love that there is a bit of shimmer to it, and the sparkle just add a touch of flirtiness to the color.
Brand: Revlon
Name: Royal Cloak
pigment:a medium purple color with shimmer and sparkle bits
price: $.99
 A nice rich purple, deep with a hint of shimmer and sparkles. I almost skipped out on this color, but I scooped it up and glad I did.

 I didn't do anything extra with this color because I felt that it would stand out on it's own. I almost hit it with a matte coat but held off. A very lovely and a bit on the sophisticated side of purple.
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