Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ebay Nail Art Haul

Hey everyone! I ordered some new nail art supplies almost a month ago (from China) and well they finally arrived! I hate waiting for items overseas, but you just can't argue with super low prices. If you are like me you love finding new nail art techniques, tools and supplies. Ebay is my go to website to find a lot of my nail needs. A good amount of it is overseas so you have to wait a bit (I live on the East coast) 
So my order finally arrived, and I want to share what I got and what Ebay store I ordered from.

 First off are my new hexagon glitters! I've noticed a lot of people using them in nail designs, and well I wanted in! I bought a 12 pack set for $1.99
 Then I got two 12 bottle set of the microbeads. This set has different colors than the other set I picked up from Dollar Tree. The beads have a nice reflection to them and they offer great color variety in this pack, it was also $1.99
 Here I bought some round rhinestones, I think they're 2mm but it didn't post what size.  The colors in this wheel are brighter than the ones I bought almost a year ago.
 Now I thought I ordered square rhinestones in my first nail art purchase off of Ebay , but come to find out I didn't. So I got a wheel of square rhinestones that can also be used as diamond shaped rhinestones. It was $1.49 for this wheel
 I also got some heart shaped rhinestones, I was missing this design too. This wheel was also $1.49
And I ordered some more microbeads in white and gold, this wheel was (again) $1.49

The Ebay store I ordered from can be found here . For being an overseas Ebay store it has a high feedback rating ( ALWAYS look at their feedback rating!!) and the prices on the items were more than reasonable and all my items came with free shipping and were "buy it now" auctions. This is where I got some of my nail art items, and might get more from them in the future.
Where do you buy your nail art supplies from? Local, overseas or nationwide stores? I hope you enjoyed this lil haul, took a while to get here...but it was worth the wait!

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