Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nail Polish Haul and Nail Art Supplies For $1.00!!

Oh man, today was my day to be a rebel and spend $16.00 on nail polish and supplies. I really wasn't planning this, and as of two weeks ago have been put on a limited weekly budget. This haul took almost half my weekly budget, but I think I can deal with it.
If you don't know I work at Walgreens and for the past week I have been helping a new store move from an old store. All I have to say is lucky me because they started marking down limited time makeup sets and non-basic items (things they don't carry year round) I was BEYOND EXCITED to see Milani and Sally Hansen colors marked down to (stay calm) $1.25 and $1.44 a bottle! The Sally Hansen bottles were from their latest limited edition Insta-Dri collection! Also this store has a TON of Milani and I scooped up three bottles there were also limited editions. 
I fear the rest of the week because they just started marking things down today. Also on a fantastic note, I went into dollar tree and found nailart mini bottle sets! They had glitter, chunky glitter, microbeads and nail deco. The sets have 8 mini (small bottles, I bought two of each) bottles with different colored nailart. Ok, I'm done chatting, you want photos (and I want to share em')

 I was helping today and saw a stand with clearance on it, and in the middle was a ton of makeup and nail polish! I was so shocked to see the latest limited edition Sally Hansen there, but I didn't ask questions, I just scooped up then asked why they're getting marked down. The store won't carry it, and doesn't want to bother bringing it over, so they mark em' down and sell em' off!
left to right:
In a Flurry
Wedding Dress
Gray Tux

Oh and lucky me, the limited edition Milani polishes are wedding themed!!

 Here are my little bottles of wonder! I was a rebel and went out on the porch to take these photos in the sunlight. You can't go wrong with the price, and I hope this is something they plan on carrying on a regular basis! I love how they had so many choices in glitter! Oh they also had the "flair" glitter but I already have a 12pc set of that.

Hello microbeads and nail deco! This was the best discovery I've made in sometime, I might have to hit Dollar Tree once every month or so.
They don't have any description on that it's  a product called "Donna Michelle Salon Basics" No website or item numbers, just a barcode.

So after Taco Tuesday tonight (yes really, tacos on Tuesday nights get with it) I will be planning a new mani using some of my new goodies!!! That you all for stopping by, and the daily mani will be up shortly!


  1. Wow, I haven't been able to even FIND these LE Sally Hansen Insta Dri's anywhere! Glad you got them at that incredible of a deal, that's awesome!

    (just wanted to let you know that you have image verification on-that might be holding people back from commenting-just wanted you to know, love your blog!)

  2. I was so happy to find them for such a great price! I'll check the settings on the site when I get home. I thought I unblocked everything...hmmmm