Friday, August 24, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 66

I found the cutest nailart tutorial on youtube the other day. I posted it on facebook the other day and just had to try this out! I found a great nail artist in Germany that creates the cutest designs ever! She is on youtube and I suggest checking her out! Now I recreated her Owl design she has posted up. I used like colors and follower her super easy design with polish and a dotting tool.
Brand:Wet N' Wild
Name: Disurbia 
pigment: a deep purple with pink and purple shimmer
price: $ 1.99
 I reached for this deep purple color that I've has for some time. I was happy and surprised to see purple and pink toned shimmer in this polish!
 Such a deep dark color, great pigment in the polish too. Took me only two coats to get full coverage from this polish!
 Here is my little own friend! Now I did add little owl ears at the top, but I used the same colors as the girl from the tutorial did.
 Such a great look for fall! The teal color is from Fergie's line called Miami Spirit
For the eyes, feet and feathers I used a lime green from Sally Hansen called Lickety-Split. I had a lot of fun doing this nailart, you must admit the owl is just adorable. I think I will rock this lil guy again in different colors. And he'll fit in great with the Fall fashions and weather heading our way soon.
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