Friday, August 31, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 73

Today I was feeling border nails. I wanted to try one of my favorite color combos from one of my favorite video game characters, Chun Li. I wanted to put more detail in it (the designs on her dress) but after three attempts I finally came to the conclusion that I didn't have the correct brushes to make the full design happen. I guess that will be my next purchase! But the border came out great mixing a metallic and gloss polish always looks so awesome! Shall we?
Brand: Pure Ice
Name: 313CP
pigment: a gold metallic polish
price:$ $1.99

 I was searching for my Sally Hansen Xtremewear gold polish but as always I couldn't find it. So I sifted through my collection and found this Pure Ice polish that I totally forgot about! I think I got this in a double pack on clearance in the spring. Only took two coats for full coverage, great polish.

 The polish only had a number name, if I were to make it I'd call it Pot Of Gold. Super shiny, pigmented and just a beautiful coverage.

 Ah light blocking, it goes to a new level with you include a metallic color. As you can see I filled in the middle with a lovely blue by Jordana called Smooth Blue. One coat coverage over the metallic gold.

 I wish I could have done more detailing, but you can understand the colors and character I was going for. Overall it came out super cute, and I am really pleased how well these two colors work together. I still have a few gold polishes, maybe when I get brushes I'll give this another go ;)
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