Friday, August 3, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 45

 So I have been told by about three people to rock a watermelon nail, please do a watermelon nail...well you finally get your watermelon nails! Now I was a bit stumped, I didn't want to copy everyone out there. So it took me a bit of encouragement and a super "duh" moment to realize I could use some of my nail beads for the seeds! Here it is, you finally get your juicy watermelon nails!!
Name: Amazon's Flare
pigment:a bright vibrant pink
price: $2.00
 As a base I started off with one of my favorite lines, Loreal! I picked up Amazon's Flare at Job Lot's a while back. It was a sheer polish so it needed 3 coats. I let the polish fully dry.
 This is a bright but not to the point of being neon pink, a lovely shade
 Next I used my french tip stickers and filled them in with Sally Hansen's Green With Envy, a perfect color for the middle shade. I hit that with a fast drying top coat
 I used this polish a few days back, you know how I love my green!
 Next I went over the tips (freehand) with Sinful Colors Worn Before nail art brush, adding the darker tips
 My watermelon nails are almost done, one more step!
 Now for the seeds! I dug into my art tools and found my collection of teardrop beads, and used the black ones for the seeds!
 I feel this make the whole look unique and real to life. Adds a bit of texture and realness to the design! I am so happy with how it came out! Adorable and fun! Thank you everyone for the nail design suggestion! So happy with the end design!
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