Tuesday, June 4, 2013

365 polish for a year challenge: day 350-356

holy poop! I am almost done with the year challenge! Also getting close to my wedding! I have been so busy with so much running around and getting the finishing touches down that I am just exhausted. Even if I am super delayed I am still determined to get my updates (late) but in!

Name: Black Cherry
coats: 2
pigment: a simple black
price: $1.49
Brand: LA Colors
coats: 2
pigment: a bright neon yellow
price: $1.49
Brand:Color Club
Name: N/A
coats: 3
pigment: a bright neon green
price: $4.99/4 pc set
Name:Apple (scented nail polish)
coats: 3
pigment: a bright green
price: $2.99/5pc set (clearance)
Brand: Sally Hansen
Name: Mod About You
coats: 0
pigment: a quilt like design nail sticker
price: $1.49 (clearance plus coupon)
Brand LA Colors
Name: Sea Siren
coats: 3
pigment: a bright teal
price: $1.48
Name: Stand To Attention
coats: 2
pigment: a standard red
price: $1.98
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