Tuesday, January 22, 2013

365 polish for a year challenge: day 213-219

Good morning! I was planning on updating yesterday, but it was just a truly lazy day off :D  Well I'm back this morning to show a few polishes I've tried out, a few foils, and a bit of nailart! Short intro today, let's get started!

Brand:  Rimmel
Name: Sunny Day
coats: 3
pigment: a bright yellow
 Here we have a bright and eye catching yellow.  This was from the Rimmel dry in 60 Seconds collection. I thought the color in the bottle was awesome, but after 3 coats it didn't really give full coverage. Maybe I've trained him well, but even my fiancee said it was thin even after dry, and you could see a bit of the nail. 
I think that's one of the main reasons I try to avoid wearing yellow. You either have to put with under it, or you'll have to put a million coats on it. The only yellow I've enjoyed wearing  was the Sally Hansen Insta-dri polish, great pigment on that one!
Brand:  Loreal
Name: The Bigger The Better
coats: 4
pigment: a black and silver glitter
 Now I finally got a round to using this polish. In the bottle it looks like there is a black base to the color, but when you put it on it comes out looking like Oreo crumbs (I kid you not, I wanted Oreos after seeing this polish) But I was happy and a bit aggravated that  this polish took so many coats to get a semi opaque look.
 I did this design after I saw this look watching Ihaveacupcake on youtube (don't get me started on how many youtube channels I watch for polish!) But I liked how the lines went across the polish and the hearts over it, kinda like drawing it on paper. I did add some heart rhinestones to give my not so stead hand painted hearts a real heart shape. Follow her, she has some super cute designs!
Brand:  Siful Colors
Name: Mauve
pigment: a light and pleasant purple
 I love this color. So deep, so cool and with that touch of gray! Just beautiful, serious and creamy finish. I love it when SC releases new colors. I think everyone knows that Revlon bought them, so hopefully they're releasing Revlon doups!
 I went with a simple nail stamp. I was trying out one of my many nail plates ( I think Gals?)  I'm still trying to figure out what polishes stamp more opaque without having to dish out the cash for stamping polish. I might have to give in soon. But as you can see my index finger is more opaque than my other ones. i think my stamping skills have improved from when I first started. I need to use my plates more ^_^
Brand:  Sinful Colors
Name: Starfish
pigment: a light and cheerful pink
 I was feeling pink, you heard me! Not that big of a pink fan, but I've been seeing a lot of Valentine's designs so I wanted to go for a sweet and simple pink!
 Now I didn't keep the look simple and pink! I went with a bit of a rocker mani with skulls, starts and bats. I used some nail stickers I found at Job Lots last year, I think they were like $1.00 for a package. Now these nail stickers came off better than the ones I used at Christmas, so I think it depends on the sticker maker.
 I just put nail polish remover on, and they would peel off (some did rip a little but still came off)
Brand:  One Dollar Nail Art Foil
Name:Bourbon Street
coats: n/a
pigment: a mixed texture of purple and silver
 That's right kids, still working on my nail foils! I've enjoyed using them, and have a lot of people ask "how did you do that??" I love telling them how simple it is (after you learn a technique that works for you) I really wish I could find nail foils locally, I'd stock up! I heard a suggestion that it's just like the scrapbooking foil, but I've never really seen/searched for any before. Maybe next time I hit my craft store I take a look.
This foil is so beautiful, who am I kidding I think all of them are! A mix texture of smooth silver and a band-aid pattern purple (serious it reminds me of a band-aid!) I got this pattern in red and in green I think, but I was feeling the purple. I'm kinda sad looking at my order that I'm lack in the purple and even pink department...oh well. There is always next order!
Brand:  One Dollar Nail Art Foil
Name:Big Top
coats: n/a
pigment: a silver color with multi-colored bubbles
 This foil is called big top, and well I understand why. It reminds me of the circus with the huge multi-colored tents. I have noticed that I have a very hard time capturing the polish with my camera. I have to turn the flash off because it reflects too much! But this is with low light and no flash, but I think the photo does the foil.

A few thoughts now. I was thinking of starting a vlog too for polish. Just a few reviews, maybe even a few tutorials as well. Would you watch it? I've never done any videos or editing so it might be a rough start. But I'd love to reach more people in the polish community. So ye or ne?
Also I don't know if I posted this on here, but I am on Instagram. This is my personal account on there so it will be a mix of cool things I see, wine and beers I've drank, hanging with friends, and of course polish!  You can find me as Brie1284. I post a lot of photos on there that i don't post on FB or Twitter.
See everyone tomorrow and don't forget to follow me on Twitter and LIKE my page on facebook !


  1. I love the nail foils! How is the wear and how did you apply them? The nail art is really pretty too and I think you should definitely try vlogs! I've been doing vlogs for some time now and I'm still learning, but it is a lot of fun!

  2. The foils go on with nail glue. I suggest applying a base color before applying the nail glue. They're very thin and last maybe a day or two. It's a fun and quick way of having nail art with not too much effort. I suggest adding a layer of top coat (foil does react but goes back flat) once top coat is dry. Use a normal top coat with a light hand (no glossy or matte finish, it doesn't work well with the foil)
    I'll look into the vlog thing, it's very tempting to reach more people via video!