Tuesday, November 13, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 148

 I was feeling the gloomy rain outside today, so I wanted to go with a light blue color today. I also wanted to use some of my nail stamping plates to give it a little attitude.
Brand: NYC
Name: Cashmere Queen
coats: 3
pigment: a light metallic shimmer blue
price: $.99
 A nice light shimmering metallic blue
 NYC make some beautiful shades
 I used Pure Ice Internationally Known with a stamping plate design
 I missed a bit with the stamping, but then again I never claimed to be an expert! I'm still working on my stamping skills. Also I had to file my nails down a little bit, they have been chipping like crazy!  I have been washing my hands and using hand sanitizer during the colder season. I just need to hit my nails with more nail treatments to keep them stronger!!
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