Friday, November 30, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 163 & 164

Happy Friday everyone! I worked during the  day and am finally back to relax, enjoy some hot coco (with marshmallows of course) and show off two more polishes. One of the polishes I forgot to take a before photo before I made the design on the nail, I just plain forgot..oops!

Brand: Sally Hansen
Name: Purple Pulse
coats: 1 
pigment: a deep and sparkling purple
price: $.95 (clearance and coupon)
So here is the nail design over this fantastic deep sparking purple. I found this gem when the line went on clearance. I scooped it up with a coupon and my discount. Glad I did, this polish was so pigment and beautiful that it only took 1 coat for full coverage!

With the design I used some rhinestones and my stamping kit to make this adorable holly leaf design come to life. One of my coworkers suggested this design. I wanted to have a dark background so the stamp would stand out more. I think it worked out well ^_^

Brand: Sinful Colors
Name: Amethyst 
coats: 2
pigment: a medium toned smooth purple
price: $1.99

I forgot about this color! I will scour my polish collection sometimes for forgotten polishes, or if something catches my eye. Well this is one of the forgotten polishes. This is a creamy medium purple that was so eye catching in the bottle, and more beautiful on the nail! 

I can't remember if I got this polish in Spring or Summer, but it was a warmer season that I scooped this up. I don't know why I passed it up for so long!

I wanted to do a gradient nail design. I grabbed a medium pink polish and hit my nail with a sponge a few times to make this look come alive! I got so many people asking if I air brushed my nails or had a professional do it. Everyone was amazed at how simple it was to get this look, and told me they would try it out themselves. I hope everyone enjoyed today's looks!
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